Greg Webb

Account Executive @ The HOTH

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Education: Northern Illinois University, BA in Communication
Family: 4 year old lab mix Bella
Hobbies/interests: Cycling, running, skateboarding, record collecting, international travel, photography, dogs.
Music interests: From jazz to house music and everything in between

What I do:
I handle daily SEO consultations and attend conferences year around. My journey with The HOTH began in 2012 when my friends told me about this cool company they were starting. After moving from Chicago to Florida in 2014, I’ve helped grow the HOTH team and sales by focusing on building genuine relationships with clients around the globe.

My SEO Philosophy:
I’m committed to helping websites achieve long term success, and my goal is to take the confusion out of SEO. This is done by assembling a rock solid content strategy and building high quality links every month. I’m always learning about the latest SEO strategies to make sure that my consultations are as helpful as possible.