Joe Knipp

Senior Account Executive @ The HOTH

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College/education: School of Rock
Family: My lovely girlfriend Lisa and our little pug and bugg dogs – Hank and Pepper
Hobbies/interests: I play an absurd amount of golf. I also play guitar and still rock an occasional surf session.
Music interests: I grew up on the Smashing Pumpkins and Nirvana but I can’t remember the last time I listened to anything other than St. Vincent.
Philanthropy: Pug Rescue of Central Florida and I try to give to any worthy causes that come through my social feeds.

What I do:
I run the accounts team at The HOTH. Our account managers are always on the ball so they make it pretty easy on me. I make sure we have the tools, the tech and the processes in place to help keep us all running at full speed, as well as putting out the occasional fire. I also handle my own accounts, and rock the trade show booth when we hit the road. Need a lucky $2 dollar bill? Come find us at a trade show!

My SEO Philosophy: Great links to great content always wins. It’s no longer the exact match keyword game we all played in the past. These days it’s about matching content with the intent of the search.