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Michael Diaz

Account Manager @ The HOTH

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  • College/education: The University of South Florida

    Family: Youngest of three boys. Have a 3 year old Border Collie Retriever named Levi.

    Hobbies/interests: Petting dogs, traveling, kayaking, experimenting in the kitchen, and enjoying the beach.

    Music interests: Anything catchy – I tend to put songs on repeat until I have completely played them out. Only genre I really steer clear of is country.

    Philanthropy: Helping others is always on my mind. Whether it’s lending a hand when someone is moving or volunteering to assist those less fortunate – happy to help!

    Awards: Striving for our Hittem Over The Heart award!

  • What I do:
    As an Account Manager at The HOTH, I love helping clients see success with their keyword rankings to drive more conversions.

    My SEO Philosophy: When in doubt, lean into consistent optimized content! Help Google understand that you’re providing answers to the questions your audience is searching for.