Rachel Hernandez

Director of Content Services @ The HOTH

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Oh, hai!

I’m Rachel. I’m the Content Department Manager at the HOTH. I joined the team in July of 2016 to launch HOTH Blogger and now run each of our content departments.

I went to The New School where I studied fiction and creative non-fiction writing, and did some graduate work at Hunter College where I studied to be a high school English teacher. Prior to the HOTH, I led the content team at an email marketing company.

HOTHing is my life’s work and passion, but when I’m not at the HOTH, I enjoy good books, eating and drinking out, competitive Scrabble matches that nearly end relationships, being active (biking and running mostly), jigsaw puzzles, and taking advantage of Florida’s awesome weather.

But I mean it when I say the HOTH is my passion, and I love the opportunity to not only work with writing, but with writers.

Feel free to find me on LinkedIn, I’d love to connect.

Welcome to the HOTH! It’s a great place to be.