What’s New In April @ The HOTH: 10+ New FREE SEO Tools, Pubcon Florida, Private Mastermind, & More!

As usual, we’ve been grinding here at HOTH HQ. Here’s all the recent updates you might have missed!

Killer SEO Deals In April

We just launched some amazing deals for April where you can save big! Here’s what we’ve got cooking:

1) Get HOTH Video FREE when you pre-pay HOTH X Managed SEO!

You can get our newest product, HOTH Video, for free when you pre-purchase HOTH X Managed SEO. HOTH Video will create high quality videos from your blog content so that you can take advantage of video as an entirely new traffic channel!

Click here to get in on this killer deal!

2) Get up to a 20% Bonus when you purchase HOTH Credits

HOTH Credits are like cash that you can use any time to purchase HOTH products. The credits are stored in your account, and when you purchase in bulk, you can get a HUGE bonus!

Save big when you purchase credits in bulk!

3) Join us in person for a limited private mastermind – The Big Kahuna

This is your chance to come see in person behind the scenes how we’ve 10Xd our growth in 3 years and how you can do the same in your business. This is an extremely limited mastermind (only 5 spots available) and when we launched it last year, we sold out every seat. This will be no different!

Get the details on your chance to mastermind on your business!

10+ New FREE SEO Tools

We just launched 10+ New FREE SEO tools including a backlink checker, a bulk MOZ DA checker, a domain age checker, and more! We’re working hard to expand our toolset and make SEO easy for you!

Check out all the free seo tools here!

Come Meet Us In Person At Pubcon Florida!

We’ll be rockin our booth at Pubcon in Ft. Lauderdale FL, April 11-12. We love conferences because it’s our chance to connect with you in person, show you what’s new, and get feedback.

Stop by and say what’s up! We’d love to meet you.

New Filter On The HOTH Dashboard

We just added a new filter to easily allow you to see what orders require your review! Some products like HOTH Blogger, HOTH X, or HOTH Press may need approval for the various stages they go through. For instance, you may need to approve your topics in HOTH Blogger before we write the article.

It used to be that you would have to just scroll down and look for the yellow button to find orders to approve, but now you can filter at the top and see them all!

Here’s how it looks in your dashboard:

Pre-Pay Option On HOTH X

We just launched a new option to pre-pay for your HOTH X campaigns. It used to be that the subscription could only bet set for monthly, but now you can order 3, 6, or 9 months at a time!

On top of that, you can also get HOTH Video for free if you start a new pre-paid campaign!

SEO News: Google’s Switch To Mobile First Indexing

Google recently announced they are switching to mobile first indexing. What does it mean for you and your website?

Click here to learn about what the change means for you!

New YouTube Vlogs

We just put up some new Vlogs on our youtube channel! We’ve been showing what’s been going on behind the scenes @ HOTH HQ!

Click here to check them out and subscribe!

Our April Fools Prank

Did you see our April fools prank this year? Turns out that Google just revealed a crazy new ranking factor, and you won’t believe what it is. This is a fun one!

Click here to see what it is!