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  • BLOWOUT SALE: 20% off all SEO products!

    Just a placeholder. Now you have to type.

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  • Google Maccabees Update: The Top Analyses and Theories on the Latest Google Update

    On the second week of December 2017, right around the Hanukkah holiday, webmasters were hit with an unwelcome surprise—a Google algorithm change that threw rank and traffic drops to a large number of sites—a change that was soon named the Maccabees update. Understandably, SEOs the world over took to Webmaster World by storm to report […]

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  • How To Structure Affiliate Sites To Optimize Link Building

    This article was contributed to our SEO community blog by Alejandro Meyerhans from Human Proof Designs. Hey there Hoth Family! This is Alejandro from HumanProofDesigns and on this post I’m going to show you the number 1 technique to build links to affiliate sites in a safe way. Why should you even care? Well, let […]

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  • Jan 2018 Video SEO Deal: Buy-One-Get-One-FREE HOTH Video!

    2018 is the year of video SEO and to start off, we want to give you a killer deal on our newest service, HOTH Video: Buy-One-Get-One-FREE! With HOTH Video, we’ll take your blog content and turn it into a high quality, engaging video that you can upload to YouTube and take advantage of an entirely […]

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  • January 2018 HOTH X Managed SEO Deal (Over $3,000 Worth Of Bonuses!)

    If you are looking to crank up your SEO this year and really start dominating, then you’re going to love our January managed SEO special. This month we’re offering the biggest incentive to get on our #1 product: HOTH X Managed SEO. **This deal has ended!*** HOTH X is our most advanced and most effective […]

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  • December Blogger Special: Get HOTH Video FREE!

    What’s UP HOTH NATION! Do you want to start capitalizing on the hottest rising form for organic traffic in 2018? Video SEO on Youtube is huge and is going to be the super star traffic source for the next year. Until Dec 31, 2017, when you purchase a new HOTH Blogger 4 pack or more, […]

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  • December HOTH X Special: Get 2 DA80+ Links FREE

    HOTH NATION! Do you want 2 high quality, powerful links… for free? Until Dec 31, 2017, when you hop in our managed SEO service HOTH X, you’ll get 2 DA80+ links for free (valued at over $1000+). These links pack a powerful punch and will be an amazing kick start to your SEO. **This deal […]

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  • 2017 End-Of-The-Year Tax Hack Uncle Sam SEO Special + The BIG KAHUNA Offer

    december 2016 seo special deal tax savings

    Do you want to save money on your taxes, fund your SEO plan, and get a HUGE bonus? Today we’re launching our End-Of-The-Year Tax Hack Uncle Sam SEO Special and I want to show you how you can keep your money (instead of giving it to the government) AND get a bonus from The HOTH! […]

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  • The Black Friday / Cyber Monday SEO Sale EXTENDED Through Nov 30!

    Our Black Friday Sale / Cyber Monday is on and closes tonight at midnight EST! ***Sale extended until Thursday Nov 30! **This deal has ended*** SALE ENDS:Countdown Nearly EVERYTHING we have is on sale, here’s what we have for you: Get $250 Off Managed SEO: HOTH X We’re waiving the $250 setup fee! Click here […]

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  • WARNING: We’re Discontinuing Our HOTH X 500 Plan On Dec 1

    HOTH X, our managed SEO service, has been our most popular product of all time – and we’ve also got the best results by using a comprehensive strategy. We launched HOTH X in mid-2017 with a bang and now have an entire team dedicated to helping you create your campaigns! HOTH X comes in different […]

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