Hitt’em Over The Heart Feb 2018 Winner: Florida FIRST Robotics Education Foundation

Every month we donate a portion of our profits to a charity selected by our employee bonus points winner.

Our February winner is Jessie Poen from the production and development squad, who totally crushed the bonus points competition this month!

Jessie selected to donate to Florida FIRST Robotics Education Foundation.

About Florida FIRST Robotics Education Foundation

“I chose to donate to the Florida FIRST Robotics Education Foundation. They promote STEM Education, teamwork, and professionalism in Florida’s youth, encouraging Florida’s future high-tech workforce.

When I was in high school I participated in the FIRST Robotics program. It changed my life, and is a big reason why I’m in the place I am now. Throughout my time on the team I learned valuable skills like how to fundraise, make a business plan, connect with the community, manage a large project, and also about putting STEM lessons from the classroom into practice. I still enjoy volunteering with the organization each year!

Donations to the organization help run the FRC Orlando Regional. This is an annual robotics competition that brings student FIRST Robotics teams together from not only Florida, but all around the world, to compete! This will be my 10th year attending the FIRST Robotics Orlando Regional. :)” – Jessie Poen

About The Hitt’em Over The Heart Award

The Hitt’em Over The Heart Award is given to each month to the HOTH employee with the most “points” based on an internal bonus system. The winner gets to choose an organization, and the HOTH makes a contribution to that charity on behalf of the employee.

You can see all the winners and donations here on our HOTH Charity page!