“HOTH Link Building” Product Name Is Changing To “HOTH Foundations”

hoth foundations

When we started The HOTH in 2010, we only had 1 product that was called “The HOTH”. Now we have 15 products so to help reduce confusion, we’re changing the name!

From today going forward, we’re changing the name of “The HOTH Link Building” product to “HOTH Foundations” to help differentiate it and reduce confusion.

We feel the new name more accurately reflects the product. HOTH Foundations is a great way to build foundational links to your site and diversify your backlink portfolio – all at a great price.

Here are the new name changes:

Old Name New Name
HOTH Mini HOTH Foundations Small
HOTH Mini Plus+ HOTH Foundations Small Premium
HOTH Results HOTH Foundations Medium
HOTH Results Plus+ HOTH Foundations Medium Premium
HOTH Platinum HOTH Foundations Large
HOTH Platinum Plus+ HOTH Foundations Large Premium

Nothing of the actual product has changed at this time, just new names!

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Let us know if you have any questions in the comments!