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3 Hacks To Get Awesome Content Without Writing It Yourself

By | March 25, 2019

Does this sound like you?

You know you need to get more content on your site, but you’re still writing all the content yourself – which is almost an impossible job.

  • Your competitors have way more content than you.
  • You’re going up against industry journals that have staff writers and contributors.
  • Finding someone to write like you is VERY difficult.

You know you need some help creating content – but every time you’ve tried in the past it hasn’t worked out.

The content hasn’t been up to your standards. You’ve had to go back and edit it and spend a lot of time doing that…

…maybe even more than if you would have just written it yourself from the beginning!

So how can you drastically increase your content production without working 24/7?

Today, I have 3 quick tips that are going to change the game for you.

Here’s how to get over the content production mountain:

1. Don’t Use Telepathy

One of the biggest problems is that you’re a genius (lucky you).

Let me explain:

You essentially know how an article or piece of content should be written. You have the angles in your head, the resources, the examples…

…but then you expect the writer to have telepathy.

The reality is that no one has your same experience, but if you take a few minutes to plan what you’re looking for and give a bit of direction, your articles will come out 100X better.

The more info you can get from your head to the paper – the better the writer will be able to nail it.

This doesn’t mean you have to plan the entire thing, but you should take ~10 min to plan out a content brief / content scope. What it’s about, who it’s for, what should be included.

Do this and I guarantee you’ll get much closer to your goal.

2. Find The Needle In The Haystack

This is one of the hardest ones because there are lots of writers, but not as many good ones.

Even if they are “good” doesn’t mean they are an expert in your niche, or that they know how to write for the web, format your articles, interlink, or optimize for SEO.

So when you’re looking for a writer, make sure that you hire someone that is an expert in your niche and also knows how to write for the web.

Not everyone will “hit” the first time, so don’t give up.

Figure out what they are missing, and then re-work what you’re including in your initial scope for next time.

3. Put on the Finishing Touches

This is all about setting your expectations correctly.

Editing is NOT bad. Editing is GREAT. I never expect articles to come back perfect.

If you expect articles to come out perfect the first time, you will continue down the same path of writing all the content yourself (which you know is not sustainable).

Even the greatest writers in the world have editors.

But the great thing is that if you follow the steps above by planning your content and finding the right person, then you’ll be 90% of the way there.

This will make it much easier, so you’re not starting from scratch!


If you follow the steps above, you can grow your content production exponentially.

Want some help?

You might be interested in our newest product, HOTH Blogger Pro, where we hire expert writers FOR you.

We designed this product with all the above principles in mind based on our experience working with thousands of publishers over the last few years.

What other tips do you have for working with writers to get killer content? Let us know in the comments!

Clayton Johnson is the CMO of The HOTH SEO company. He has over 8+ years experience in the SEO industry and has spoken at events like SEJ Summit. The HOTH has been featured in Inc 5000, Forbes, SMX, Pubcon, Content Marketing World, Affiliate Summit, Brighton and more.

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