Hitt’em Over The Heart Award Nov 2017 Winner: Shelter Dogs With Jobs, Inc

This month’s charity award winner is Amy Tribolet from our Blogger team who crushed it this month!

Amy selected to donate to Shelter Dogs With Jobs, Inc.

“I chose this organization because I knew it would go to a great local organization and one that would greatly help homeless working dogs. All of the dogs that this organization helps are “working dogs”, so dogs that need a “job” to live out long, healthy and happy lives. I also know that this organization is very good at making sure the dogs are properly matched to a career and home that they will be in for the rest of their lives.” says Amy.

“This organization will take in these “working dogs” (usually bigger breeds that are overlooked or not properly cared for) and match them not only with a forever home but a career! This is amazing because not only are the dogs benefiting from their home and career but the community as well ( these dogs will go on to be therapy, service, detection and SAR dogs).”

About The Hitt’em Over The Heart Award

The Hitt’em Over The Heart Award is given to each month to the HOTH employee with the most “points” based on an internal bonus system. The winner gets to choose an organization, and the HOTH makes a contribution to that charity on behalf of the employee.

You can see all the winners and donations here on our HOTH Charity page!