Hitt’em Over The Heart Jan 2018 Winner: Florida Dachshund Rescue

Every month we donate a portion of our profits to a charity selected by our employee bonus points winner.

Our January winner is Skyler Kulesa from the sales development squad, who totally crushed the bonus points competition this month!

Skyler selected to donate to Florida Dachshund Rescue.

About Florida Dachshund Rescue

“I chose the organization because my mom actually works with the organization! FLDR rescues dogs that have been abandoned or that families have given up. They help the dogs find new homes and it avoids the dogs being put down. My family fosters some of the dogs until they get adopted into a great home.

I hope my donation will help FLDR get more resources to help rescue even more dogs! “ – Skyler Kulesa

About The Hitt’em Over The Heart Award

The Hitt’em Over The Heart Award is given to each month to the HOTH employee with the most “points” based on an internal bonus system. The winner gets to choose an organization, and the HOTH makes a contribution to that charity on behalf of the employee.

You can see all the winners and donations here on our HOTH Charity page!