10 HOTH Updates You May Have Missed

hoth seo updates


We’ve been crazy busy here in the last few months and sometimes we forget to share all the awesomeness that’s been happening behind the scenes.

Here are 10 cool things you may have missed at the HOTH!

1) New FREE SEO Tools: Keyword Research, SERP Positions, & More!

We recently released 4 new SEO tools for you to use.

Free Keyword Research Tool / Keyword Planner Alternative
You can use this cool tool to find related keywords based off a seed keyword.

Website Rankings Tool
Find out what keywords you rank for – or the keywords your competition ranks for!

SEO Audit Tool
Create a free SEO audit of your site or your client’s site!

Online Review Checker Tool
Create a free report of your online reviews.

2) HOTH Blogger: More options, Improved product, In-dashboard experience!

In the last few months our blog content product has gotten lots of upgrades!

  1. First, we bumped the word count for the SAME price! Instead of 700 words, now you get 1000.
  2. More content levels: Now you can order 500, 1000, and 1500 word posts.
  3. In-dashboard experience: We moved the whole product into the dashboard so all ordering / approvals take place there!
  4. Bulk ordering: Now you can bulk order blog posts!

Check out HOTH Blogger here.

3) New Product: HOTH OnPage

We released our beta version of HOTH OnPage. This product has been met with awesome feedback. If you need help with onpage seo, this is for you.

Check out HOTH OnPage

4) New Product: HOTH Private Vault – High Quality Editorial Links

Need the highest quality, in-content, editorial links? We got you.

Our newest product, HOTH Private Vault, will get you links on the likes of Huffpo, Engadget, LifeHacker, and much much more.

Check out HOTH Private Vault.

5) New Product: HOTH Credits

Have budget to spend but not ready to actually purchase products? You can buy HOTH Credits in any amount. They never expire and can be used for any in-dashboard products!

Check out HOTH Credits

6) New Blog Posts: Google Updates, 400k Pageviews, & More

We have some new blog posts that you may have missed. We’re also gearing up for more content than ever coming up!

7) Affiliate Summit West: Come See Us In Vegas In January!

We’re going to have a humongus booth at Affiliate Summit West in Vegas in January… and as always, we have some surprises up our sleeve!!

Also, you can check out our Pubcon 2017 Video below!

8) New Easier Product Ordering Process

We just switched up our ordering process so that it’s now easier to order. Now you can purchase first and fill out your inputs at your leisure.

9) Updated SEO / Product Answers

We just launched an updated version of our SEO FAQ here. This can help you get the answers you need even faster!

10) New Additions To Our Team

Over the last few months we’ve made many new awesome additions to our team including:

Rachel Hernandez – Content Marketing Manager
Jessie Poen – Production Manager
Jazmin Carillo – Special Projects Manager
Mackenzie Logan – Account Manager
Steven Gill – HOTH Success
Surge Ceranic – HOTH Success

Check out more about our growing SEO team here.


2016 has been a wild ride and we want to thank you for being there with us.

We’re working hard to make 2017 even better for you! Make sure you subscribe below for future updates, tools, and training!