HOTH Platinum, Co-Citations, & More!

Today we’re taking major steps to improve the HOTH and stay ahead of the curve. We’re releasing multiple new features and a new package based on customer requests that we think you’re going to love. Let’s get right into it:

HOTH Platinum

Today we’re introducing a new top-tier package: Our most powerful, most diversified package ever.

HOTH Platinum includes:

1. More Top Level Properties Than Ever Before
HOTH Platinum offers 8 Top Level properties that link to your site, each with 3 articles. This means more diversity than you’ve ever had before in a single package, delivering a greater punch. Every single link that comes to your site is from a vetted, authoritative source.

2. Every piece of content on the top levels is 100% unique non-spun content.
Using only 100% unique content linking to your site helps improve the safety of your links and helps to reduce footprints.

This follows our same link building strategy – but improved.

HOTH Platinum comes in 2 flavors, HOTH Platinum (Standard Content) for $250 as well as HOTH Platinum Plus+ (American Content) for $500.

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New Features Available On All Packages

In addition to the new packages, we also added multiple features that are now available on all packages:

1. Optional Co-Citations
When someone writes an article on the web, it’s natural to link out to multiple authoritative sources. Now, we offer the option of adding co-citations to each of your orders. From every article in the top level properties, we’ll link out to a relevant page on an authoritative, non-competing property like wikipedia,, or other authoritative sources with a naked URL. This increases the outbound-link diversity and helps to greater reduce footprints!

This option is available on the order page.

2. Automatic Top Level Diversity on Re-Orders
This feature, previously reserved for only recurring orders, is now available to all types of orders! Now, when you place an order for the same URL the 2nd time, we’ll automatically diversify the top level properties we build. This means more diversity for you, and you don’t even have to think about it!


Also – If you hadn’t noticed, we launched a new version of our front end site! We hope this is easier to navigate and understand everything we do.

We’d love for you to give our new packages and features a shot.

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