WARNING: We’re Discontinuing Our HOTH X 500 Plan On Dec 1

HOTH X, our managed SEO service, has been our most popular product of all time – and we’ve also got the best results by using a comprehensive strategy.

We launched HOTH X in mid-2017 with a bang and now have an entire team dedicated to helping you create your campaigns!

HOTH X comes in different levels based on your spend, starting at $500 per month up to $10,000 per month. We take this budget and use it for what you need the most on your site, usually a combination between links and content. The higher the level, the more you get of our wholesale products.

To make sure that we provide the highest level of service to our clients, we’re discontinuing the lowest plan, HOTH X 500 at the end of this month.

We have seen some amazing results with the 500 plan, and we want to make sure that everyone gets the best service possible.

Starting December 1 2017, the lowest level of HOTH X will start at $1,000 / month.

**This deal has ended***

Lock In Pricing Before It’s Gone

We realize that you may want to get in on the $500 / month plan to test out the service, so that’s why we will grandfather in anyone who purchases the $500 / month plan before Dec 1, 2017.

Any previously purchased active subscriptions on HOTH X 500 will also remain. If you have an active HOTH X 500 subscription, you will be able to continue ordering HOTH X 500 subscriptions.

If you are currently on the HOTH X 500 plan, your subscription will continue as well.

UPDATE: As part of our Extended Black Friday deal, you can also get your setup fee waived ($250 value) by clicking this link: Click here to get HOTH X.

HOTH X 500 Plan Goes Away Dec 1, 2017

The last day you’ll be able to get in at the $500 / month level will be Nov 30, 2017. Make sure to get in on this before it’s gone!

Click here to get HOTH X.

Click here to get HOTH X.

**This deal has ended***

Any questions? Let us know in the comments!

-The HOTH Crew