Make Better Connections to Drive your SEO

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Good SEO relies on creating quality content with relevant backlinks, but you may be apprehensive in doing the work to get those links you need. Who can blame you? It takes hours to dig up potential link ideas, even more to find the contact information to get those links. SpyFu streamlines these steps (and takes over some research for you) into a smooth process.

Not just any backlinks will do

First, a refresher: Backlinks are inbound links from other sites to your website. Google takes them into account when it considers your site’s search rankings, but the criteria doesn’t hang on just quantity. Select links are going to help you rank for the searches you want. Relevant, safe, quality links give you a greater boost than numbers alone. And by safe, we mean links that don’t come from link farms or similar spammy sites — no matter how well they mask it. When that site gets knocked down by Google, that backlash could seep into your site too.

Since safe links are so important, we stand guard for you. The only links we deliver are the ones that are already indexed by Google. We already make it a point to dig up the links that help you rank so this combination gives you a huge leap in the right direction.

Let’s get building

Time to go wrangle all the links you can, right? No, stop right there. Most SEO pros will caution you that growing relationships is more effective. Just asking for links up front will usually get you nowhere, and the ones you would get (from a cold call) could be in a blogroll list that doesn’t offer much context. Instead, this is where you roll in your social media activities and create an outreach plan.

The links will come. Now you’re targeting the right sites, and the right people, using a more productive approach. When you build relationships, you’re more likely to know about future content that is relevant to your audience (read: link worthy) in addition to existing content that sends you great link juice. You turn yourself into a partner and influencer.

That’s not to say you’re drawing things out. Connecting with the right people via social media takes little to get started, and think small: comment on their blog. Retweet them. Reply to them in a Twitter chat/hashtag conversation.

So how do you find these “right people” you speak of?

SpyFu built-in a system to automatically find and suggest the best contacts for any link you save.

You start by choosing a keyword to target, and we’ll show you the best pages to help you rank via links from their pages. These are the kingmakers that are already helping other sites rank. Once you give them the OK, we’ll hunt down contact information with profiles so you can decide if you want to add them to your target list. All of this is managed inside of a project manager, so you’ve got two extra benefits:

  1. You can come back to it anytime, making your research as intense or casual as you want
  2. We’ll help you stay on top of what you’ve done and what you plan to do. Nothing falls through the cracks.

Everything inside the project manager is both valuable and optional. We don’t force you into more work than what you’re prepared to do. These steps help turn an intimidating idea of outreach into a manageable process.

How it’s done

Follow this step-by-step guide that shows you how to get started.

Once you’ve found and saved the right links, your project manager helps you stay on top of outreach:

  • Organize links, websites and contacts into overall projects.
  • Add status updates, future tasks, and date-stamped notes.
  • Get automatic recommendations for contacts to add (or ignore) for every link or website.
  • Review specific website data to help you weigh every potential partner.


The automatic contacts are there for you to pick and choose. Once you connect a website to your project (sites you’d like to ask for a link), we will recommend contacts and effective ways to reach them. We include company social media accounts as well as those from individuals.

This helps you coordinate your plans to reach people and connect with them.

Now with email addresses, social media contacts, and even phone numbers in the mix, you can start with personal connections that make people see you as a person with opinions and thoughts, not just a site that needs a link.

SpyFu makes the SEO backlinking process work for you, without the hassle of trying to develop relationships from scratch. Engaging other site owners — without spamming them– pays now and also helps your credibility as you move forward.

Editors Note

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