Do you ever feel like you wake up every day, just to get on the same, painful, sales-grind hamster wheel?

When you talk to your prospects on the phone, are there some questions that you keep answering over and over?

It’s pretty common, and it’s a lot of work!

But there’s a better way…

What if you could build “marketing soldiers” that go to battle for you every single day… for YEARS… attracting and converting clients?

How To Build Marketing Soldiers

Here’s how:

Whatever you’re saying on the phone to “sell” your prospects, write it down and make it into an article.

The answer to every objection and question, how your product or service or industry works, turn it into a piece of content, then post these to your blog.

Each one of these pieces of content will become little “marketing soldiers” that will keep working for you 24/7 for YEARS.

Since you’re answering the questions that your customers are bringing up over and over, your prospects are going to find them, read them, and get to the purchase a LOT faster!

You won’t have to repeat yourself, and prospects will start coming to your calls ready to purchase since they already got their questions answered through your content!

Multiply Your Results

But the cool thing is that this is not just a content strategy…

This is a strategy for EVERY channel, and you can EASILY multiply the results:

  • This is an SEO strategy (They will rank in Google)
  • This is an email marketing strategy (Put them in an autoresponder and drip them out.)
  • This is a social strategy (Post them on social and discuss.)
  • This is a paid traffic strategy (Run Facebook ads to them)

This will make prospects find you.

This will make your prospects understand you.

It will position you as an authority…

…And it will make closing deals 10000X easier, thanks to your hard-working, unpaid, “marketing soldiers.”

So how do you get started?

How To Get Started

The core of this is all about creating the content.

And there are LOTS of topics to cover.

I bet you could list at least 10 common questions right now off the top of your head.

In case your thinking:

“Jee whiz, this sounds like a great strategy, but I don’t have the time to crank out 10,000 words of content, I have a job to do!”…

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We vet the writers, then train them on how to maximize writing for web and optimize for SEO.

That way you get killer content, every time.

We essentially build your “marketing soldiers” for you!

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