Hitt’em Over The Heart March 2018 Winner: Puppies Behind Bars

Every month we donate a portion of our profits to a charity selected by our employee bonus points winner.

Our March winner is Ashley Shealy from the HOTH X squad, who totally crushed the bonus points competition this month!

Ashley selected to donate to Puppies Behind Bars.

About Puppies Behind Bars

“The charity I chose to donate to is Puppies Behind Bars. They are an organization that trains prison inmates to raise service dogs for wounded war veterans and explosive detection canines for law enforcement.

I chose this charity to honor a very special veteran in my life who has recently passed away. My Grandfather, Arch Shealy Sr., passed away recently at the age of 98. When he was in the army in WW2 he was captured in Africa and was a prisoner of war for 27 months in Germany. His heroism has been a huge inspiration in my life. Like him, the veterans that this charity serves risked making the ultimate sacrifice for our countries freedom!

I hope this money can go towards helping as many veterans as possible get the service dogs they need to live a quality life. Both internal and external battle wounds come home with our soldiers, and these service dogs can make all the difference!” – Ashley Shealy

About The Hitt’em Over The Heart Award

The Hitt’em Over The Heart Award is given to each month to the HOTH employee with the most “points” based on an internal bonus system. The winner gets to choose an organization, and the HOTH makes a contribution to that charity on behalf of the employee.

You can see all the winners and donations here on our HOTH Charity page!