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The April 2019 Top 4: SEO News Roundup

By | April 2, 2019

March was a month full of changes in the SEO world. The updates covered in this roundup will get you up to speed on the major SEO news that happened.

Let’s get into it:

SEOs Show Mixed Results Following Google March 2019 Core Update

Google created a stir towards the middle of March 2019 when they released a core update that many people are still unsure about.

To this date, there is no data to suggest there is a significant pattern with this update that stood out as obvious. Because of that, there is no specific fix for this Google core update, yet.

One of the more interesting data points comes from when those affected we’re surveyed and asked if they were negatively or positively impacted. About 58 percent of people said they saw a negative impact, while 33 percent said they saw a positive impact.

There were a large diversity of niches affected, so there was no specific target with this update:

Once again, this data shows these algo updates are not targeting a specific type of issue or tactic but a broader range of quality and website issues.

So what should you do if you were impacted?

You should start by taking an unbiased view of your site and check all your basics including content quality, link quality, technical SEO, and site speed.

If you’d like some help improving your SEO, you might be interested in our Managed SEO plans.

Google Search Console Now Shows Google-Selected Canonical URLs

In March, a new feature was added inside Google Search Console. Users will now be able to see which URL has been selected as the canonical version for a webpage.

Google announced this rollout on March 26th:


To access this feature, you have to navigate to the inspection tool and enter the webpage’s URL.

Being able to see the canonical version is important for site owners so they can monitor what Google sees.

After you check the canonical URL, you are able to suggest variations if it is, in fact, the wrong URL. If you’d like more info on how to tell Google what URL to use, check out this article.

Search Console’s URL inspection tool is now the most comprehensive solution for discovering what Google is seeing when it comes to your URL.

Optimizing For Searcher Intent Explained In 7 Visuals

Search intent has become more important over the last few years. You not only need to optimize your pages to rank but also make sure that your content is the right TYPE of content.

Are users looking for a long guide? A product / service page? A tool?

Google has an uncanny ability to look past the keywords in the query and instead apply behavioral, content, and context signals to give you the correct answer.

Moz breaks down how to optimize for search intent with their blog post with 7 key visuals.

After looking at all 7 visuals, there are three big takeaways for every marketer:

  1. Google, just like everyone else, is working hard to keep people on their site. If you help them do that, they’ll often reward you with rankings.
  2. When trying to figure out why something ranks in Google, add the question of “How well does this solve the user’s question?”
  3. How you align your title, meta description, and content can make the difference.

If you want to see how hard Google’s working to keep searchers on their site vs. clicking results, check out this case study showing precisely that.

Ahrefs Announces Plan For New Search Engine

Ahrefs CEO Dmitry Gerasimenko announced a plan to create a better search engine that supports content creators and protects users privacy.

What’s not to like right!?

His proposal described a more free and open web and one that rewards content creators with a revenue split.

The new search engine seeks to correct several flaws that he feels Google has that are bad for users and publishers.

  1. He believes Google is hoarding site visitors
  2. He seeks to pry the web from privatized access and control
  3. He believes Google’s model is unfair
  4. He seeks to create a search engine that encourages publishers and innovation

The announcement comes after years of complaints by publishers who feel they are struggling. Not to mention the news industry that has been on the verge of disappearing while trying to find a solid monetization strategy.

A perception has set in recently that the entire online search ecosystem is struggling except for the king, Google. The idea of a new search engine God has been around for a long time and it’s something that a majority of the online community is on board for.

You will have to refrain from jumping up and down for now, as there is no official release date. A project of this size and magnitude is unimaginable, one that’s basically equivalent of going to the moon.


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