SMX East 2016: 80+ Expert SEO Slide Decks

SMX East 2016


We just got back from SMX East 2016 and it was a blast rocking The HOTH booth and meeting everyone.

If you couldn’t attend, we still wanted to bring SMX to you – Here are 80+ slide decks from the expert SEO presentations last week.


The Attribution Challenge By Adam Proehl


You Might Be An Enterprise SEO If… By Scott Nickels


The Most Important 2016 E-commerce KPI Benchmarks By Alan Coleman and Brendan Almack


The Need for Visual Communication By Amy Balliet


Breaking Through: Why Some Companies Succeed In Achieving Consistent Conversion Uplifts By Ayat Shukairy


20 Link Building Stories That Will Save Your Site By Sha Menz


Art Meets Insight: Eye Catching Visualization For Better Analytics By Paul Shapiro


The Psychology of Successful Images By Rob Lenderman


How to Manage Your Advertising Images and Keep Your Sanity! By John Lee


Images In Paid Search: Experiments In Image Extensions By Joshua Graham


Enterprise SEO By John Shehata


Conquering Google Display Network and Gmail Ad Targeting: Forget Context, Think Audience, Layer & Win GDN By Susan Waldes


Using Search Marketing To Amplify TV Buys By Kerry Curran and Itir Aloba-Curi


How to Design Websites for People Who Use Search Engines By Shari Thurow


The Secret Codes of AdWords Scripts By Steven Hammer


Step Into The Future: Automate Your PPC With AdWords Scripts – Marcela De Vivo


What To Do When Google Can’t Understand Your JavaScript By Jody O’Donnell


Your Conversion Optimization Idea Engine By Chris Goward


How to Make Your Display Channel Work By Grace Kaye


Conquering Google Display Network and Gmail Ad Targeting By Alex Sutton


Advanced Tips for Working with AdWords Scripts By Frederick Vallaeys


Paid Search & Social: The Ultimate Knock-Out Punch By Maggie Malek


Beacons In Action By Thomas Walle


Paid Search Fundamentals By Matt Van Wagner


Reverse Engineering Google’s Local Search Algorithm By Andrew Shotland & Dan Leibson


Strengthening Your Retail Presence Beyond Google By Chris Humber


Building Fantastic Ads In a Variable Based & Human Driven Creative Framework By Marty Weintraub


Stand Out In a Sea of Search By Virginia Tonning


Why Are Text Ads All The Same? By Pauline Jakober


Bing Ads: Navigating The New and Upcoming By Purna Virji


A Brave New World: Adjusting To SEM For 2017 By Aaron Levy


RLSA Will Save The Day By Larry Kim


Rethinking Conversion Optimization By Khalid Saleh


Content Optimization For The Voice Search Generation By Jennifer Slegg


Lead Generation Attributes Attributing To Your Attribution By Mike Henderson


All The Small Things: Adding Content to SEM Reporting By Tim Gillman


The Lowdown on Google Customer Match One Year Later By Andy Taylor


Google Analytics Power Reporting By Andrew Garberson


The Evolution of Voice Search By Purna Virji


Optimizing Content For Voice Search & Virtual Assistants By Tony Edward


Location Targeting: The Benefits Of Thoughtful Segmentation By Kevin Fleming Jr


Your Retargeting Sucks (But It Doesn’t Have To!) By Elizabeth Marsten


Your Mobile PPC Sucks (But It Doesn’t Have To!) By Maddie Cary


Leveraging Search to Create A Unified Customer Experience By Laura Ann Mitchell


How Users View and Interact with Mobile Search results By Chris Pinkerton


Indexing Apps (And Taking Names) By Emily Grossman and Cindy Krum


The Art of Engaging Customers in a Multi-Channel World By Erin Everhart


Account Structure: Business Needs & Cutting Waste By Susan Wenograd


Get Better Results Through Account Structure: Increase Quality Score, Get Better Results By Justin Freid


Rivers Of Opportunity: Creating PPC Account Structures That Produce Performance Pools By James Svoboda


Better Safe Than Sorry With HTTPS By Patrick Stox


The Power of Google Featured Snippets in 2016: Analysis, Case Studies and Recommendations By Glenn Gabe


Everything You Need to Know About Redirects By Christoph Cemper


Perfect Your SEM Testing: Step Back and Look at What You Should Be Measuring By Ted Ives


How To Be A Full Funnel Marketer By Jake Pinocchio


AdWords Drafts & Experiments (Answering the Age Old SEM Mysteries) By Susan Waldes


Internationalizing Your SEO By Aleyda Solis


What’s New With Markup and Structured Data By Tony Edward


Shopping Ads: Bid By Query of Slap Yourself By Kirk Williams


That’s Hot! 3 Shopping Campaign Tips That Would Make Paris Hilton Proud By Purna Virji


Reaping The Fields In Google Shopping: Ongoing Optimizations By Susan Wenograd


How To Reach Ideal Customers Using Advanced Search & Social Tactics By Sahil Jain


Using Search Techniques to Win at Paid Social


Satisfying The Need For Speed By Fili Wiese


How I Lost My Clients Their #1 Rankings and Their Profits Exploded Overnight By Stoney deGeyter


The Art & Science of Building Links By Debra Mastaler


Build Your Own Awesome Mix Tape – Retail Search Beyond Google: Get Found More, Sell More By Elizabeth Marsten


Head + Heart: Integrating Search and Social to Reach Your Consumer By Maggie Malek


SEO, Social and Self Storage By Don Willis


Social Media & SEO: Separating Myth from Fact By Mark Traphagen


Digital Out of Home & Beacons: Case Study at Toronto’s Billy Bishop Airport By Alan K’necht


App-Less Beacons! The Early Adopters’ Guide To Available Tactics By Manny Rivas

Clayton Johnson is the CMO of The HOTH SEO company. He has over 8+ years experience in the SEO industry and has spoken at events like SEJ Summit. The HOTH has been featured in Inc 5000, Forbes, SMX, Pubcon, Content Marketing World, Affiliate Summit, Brighton and more.