Who: Local Coffee Shop

What: They were running ads in the past, burning thousands of dollars per month for their old ad team to just be running a “reach campaign”. 

That’s right, they paid to only be seen by impressions, not actually having people take action. 

Image of Reach Campaign for Paradeco Coffee Shop

Solution: We decided they needed a solid direct response marketing campaign to help them get more locals in their coffee shop. 

After a quick brainstorm with our Social Ads Wizards, they came up with an offer that would literally have people running to claim it. 

The locals, just couldn’t say no! 

Well, after just $100 spent in 4 short days… this is what happened. 

But first, what are social ads? 

Social Ads are a mix of Facebook and Instagram ads that allow businesses to place ads in front of individuals based on their interests, demographics, and behavoir. 

Inside Facebook and Instagram, we have over 1000+ data points to target a specific audience and can reach billions of people across the globe. 

This is one of the many reasons why social ads are so powerful for all brands alike. 


For a local business, they were able to produce 250+ leads in one week for them using their Social Ads processes with an average CPL of $0.35! 

Do you think we’re kidding? Check out the screenshot below. 

Image of a Social Ads Lead generation Campaign for a Coffee Shop
How did we do it? 

Our social ads product is built on 5 main components that we inject in every single campaign. 

1. Competitor Research & Ad Design: This is how each ad, word inside of our ad copy, and offer will really stand out. Inside of Paradeco we found their was a large amount of competition that the locals were attacted to so standing out with a KILLER offer was crucial.

2.  Split Testing: For any campaign,  no matter the platform this is critical. We start split testing right away with 4 different images, 3 different forms of copy, and 2 different audiences.

Image of Paradeco Split testing campaign

3. Performance Optimization: Once the campaign starts to get traction, meaning consistent leads then we’re able to start optimizing our ads based on key metrics including Cost Per Lead, Click Through Rate, Frequency, and other key metrics

4.  Scaling: Finally, to take up from the initial 200+ leads at beginning of the campaign to 1300+ we had to scale the winning creative. When scaling Slow & Steady wins the race. We do this with budget changes, cutting out bad creative, and other split testing methods to maintain a solid cost per lead.

Pro Tip: When scaling you should only increase your daily Ad Set budget by 20% to not rock the algorithm to much. Allowing you to maintain your cost per lead or cost per conversion.

What About IOS 14? 

By utilzing lead generation, Facebook’s lead ad forms which we utilizie for all HOTH Social Ads campaigns, we’re able to get accurate reporting plus we can now take this data, create a remarketing audience and remarket to them without losing our mobile users. 

Want to learn more about IOS 14? Click on our latest blog here to learn more!

Latest update on Paradeco 

Over the last month we have been able to scale our winning creative and continue soaking up a TON of local leads. Our cost per lead has risen but that is expected when scaling and offers fatigue. For them next we will be focusing on winning creative and offer testing. 

The winning ad creative

Image of a Coffee Shop Ad
Image of Split Testing for Coffee Shop

If you’re looking for help with growing your lead generation at a local, national, or worldwide offer, click here to schedule a consultation about Social Ads.