Who: Online Golf Accessory Store 

What: The golffather is an online Golf Accessory store who have been running their own social ads for quite some time. Once we did an audit we found some great opportunities to help them grow their brand. 

Many of the campaigns were focused on link clicks, which is GREAT for driving traffic but Facebook solely serves these ads to users who are most likely to do what… you guessed it click the link.

Image of Ads campaign for online Golf Accessory store
Where as when setting a conversion objective like Lead Generation or Purchases tells Facebook to serve the ads to people who are most likely to become a lead or purchase. 

In the initial audit we found one of the highest spending campaigns were to sell a product but focused on link clicks.

Image of Reach campaign for Golfather

Goal: Their main goal was to generate more leads for their email list since they made the highest ROI off their email marketing campaigns. Inside their email marketing campaigns they would focus on value driven emails and promotional materials to snipe in the deals. It was the perfect duo, we deliver the leads and they snipe the sales. 

Solution: We decided they needed a solid direct response marketing campaign to help them generate more email subscribers. 

Our focus was extremely specific when creating the offer. 

It has to be simple, something a user didn’t have to think twice about and make them say within seconds, Yes, I Want That! 

For this campaign, we decided to split two offers technically. 

The First Offer: “Get 3xed Air Miles With Golf Purchases When You Join Our Email List” 

The Second Offer:  “Join Our Email List For Special Offers On Golf Tech” 


Within the first 7 days of the campaign we saw the offer start to take off and get traction. 

We generated leads for less than $3. This was a great CPL for them with their stats on the backend and close rate of their email marketing campaigns.

Image of Ad campaign for Golf Accessory Store
The Golfather winning creative. 

Image of a watch ad for a gold tech store

In the beginning the “Join Our Email List” was converting best but as we scaled the “Get 3xed Air Mile” offer one, but just by a few cents when it came to the CPL. 

Now why would we test multiple offers from the get go? Great question, we typically stick to one offer but since this was a brand/niche that would appeal to a mass amount of people we knew our ads wouldn’t fatigue while testing multiple offers. 

So for this one we kept the audience’s the same and just focused on testing offers over audiences initially. 

The next major round of testing will be audiences. 

How did we do it? 

Our social ads product is built on 5 main components that we inject in every single campaign. 

  1. Competitor Research & Ad Design: This is how each ad, word inside of our ad copy, and offer will really stand out.

    For the Golfather we knew there was a large amount of competition in the golf world and we had to make a small brand stand out above some of the biggest names in the world.

    We did this through extensive research of the largest brands, types of ads they ran, and crafted our campaigns based on that research.
  2. Split Testing: For any campaign,  no matter the platform this is critical. We start split testing right away with 5 different images, 3 different forms of copy, 2 different offers and 2 different audiences.

    Image of split test for Golfather
  3. Performance Optimization: Once the campaign starts to get traction, meaning consistent leads then we’re able to start optimizing our ads based on key metrics including Cost Per Lead, Click Through Rate, Frequency, and other key metrics.
  4. Scaling: Finally, to take up from the initial 100+ leads at beginning of the campaign to 450+ we had to scale the winning creative. When scaling Slow & Steady wins the race. We do this with budget changes, cutting out bad creative, and other split testing methods to maintain a solid cost per lead.

Pro Tip: When scaling you should only increase your daily Ad Set budget by 20% to not rock the algorithm to much. Allowing you to maintain your cost per lead or cost per conversion.

What About IOS 14? 

By utilzing lead generation, Facebook’s lead ad forms which we utilizie for all HOTH Social Ads campaigns, we’re able to get accurate reporting plus we can now take this data, create a remarketing audience and remarket to them without losing our mobile users. 

Want to learn more about IOS 14? Click on our latest blog here to learn more!

Latest update on Golfather 

Over the last month we have been able to scale our winning creative and continue soaking up a TON of leads nationwide. Our cost per lead has risen but that is expected when scaling and offers fatigue. For them next we will be focusing on winning creative and offer testing.

Image of Ad sets for online Golf Accessory store

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