What’s new at The HOTH in November 2017

What up HOTH Family!

We’ve been cranking over here – here are the latest updates @ The HOTH HQ:

1) Sales for November

We have 2 important sales updates going on this month:

1) Get up to $3k worth of high DA links free!

2) Discontinuing HOTH X 500 plan – make sure to get in before it’s gone!

2) HOTH Video Beta Is Back!

We just reopened HOTH Video Beta and you can get in at 50% off the retail price. Click here to check it out!

3) We’re Hiring For Graphic Design UI/UX + $5k HOTH Credit Bounty!

Know an amazing designer? We’re offering up $5,000 in HOTH Credits as a bounty if you make an introduction to the designer we hire! Just send an email with the introduction to hr@thehoth.com

We’re looking for amazing Graphic Design/UI/UX talent to take our user experience to the next level and work in our brand-new office in St. Pete FL.

Click here for more details on the position.

4) Zapier Integration Beta Goes Live

Want to automate your orders and make your life easier?

We just launched our beta automations using Zapier – allowing you to automatically submit HOTH orders automatically from the tools you already use every day!

How To Get Started with The HOTH + Zapier

Zapier connects to thousands of softwares, productivity tools, billing systems, and more. Using The HOTH app in Zapier, you can totally automate your SEO & content ordering. Agencies can increase profits and save time, and small business owners can get hands-off automation to reduce the time spent worrying about SEO.

Click here to get invited to the beta program.

Ideas on how to use Zapier + The HOTH:

  1. Combine Google Sheets and The HOTH to automatically order link building packages from your existing keyword research spreadsheets
  2. Combine Google Alerts and The HOTH to automatically place Blogger orders for topical content as new trends break in your industry
  3. Combine Trello with The HOTH to simplify ordering of SEO products, right where you already manage your client to-do lists
  4. Empower your sales team by combining your CRM with The HOTH, allowing them to automatically order and start fulfillment on SEO packages as they sell them – no more copying & pasting

Questions about Zapier, or how you can automate your SEO agency or marketing strategy? Contact developers@thehoth.com to get in touch with our developer & Zapier support team!

5) Rank Tracker Updates

1. Map Pack Rank Tracking
Rank Tracker now tracks Local rankings if you’re in the Top 3 of the Map Pack on Google

2. Easy Multi-Search Engine Tracking
A customer can now track their rankings for a KW in all 3 search engines at once where applicable (Google, Bing, Yahoo). This is an option you can select when adding your URL to your Rank Tracker tool.

3. Customized Reporting Options
There’s custom reporting options so you can customize the report you download to include or exclude certain options, such as search engine, platform, etc.

Click here to check out HOTH Rank Tracker.

6) HOTH OnPage Moves into The Dashboard

We just launched OnPage in the dashboard for easier ordering and reporting! Check out HOTH Onpage here.

7) Check out our HOTH Halloween Contest Winners!

We had a HOTH halloween contest where you could win up to $1k in HOTH Credits by dressing up like The HOTH monster for halloween. Check out the winners here!

We have much more coming in the next few months so stay tuned!

The HOTH Crew