Video Production Manager

Making Premium Video Content Happen – In Scale


About the Position

We’re looking for a video production manager to help us scale our video department.

As a part of the production management team, you will be the head of our video content.

Daily tasks include helping us create systems for scaling video content, onboarding quality freelance video production staff, managing video content production and communicating with customers to make sure we deliver exceptional value.

We’re one of the best types of companies to work for – We’re already successful and growing, but not so big that you can’t be heard. We have a small team of hustlers and we are nimble and quick. This is a very important position and a high growth opportunity.

About you:

  • You live and breathe video marketing
  • You love creating systems, standard operating procedures, and scaling video content
  • You have a deep understanding of video production and editing
  • You understand how to drive traffic & conversions with video content
  • You are a systems machine and hate disorganization
  • You find typos in almost everything you read
  • You invest in yourself
  • You are hungry for growth
  • You have a work hard play hard mentality

This is an amazing opportunity to expand your knowledge of digital marketing and work in a fun, rewarding environment.

About Us:

We’re one of the best types of companies to work for: We’re already successful and still growing fast, but not so big that you can’t be heard. We have a small team of hustlers and we are nimble and quick. This is a very important position with a high growth opportunity.

We began as a small, bootstrapped startup from Chicago and we have now grown to be one of the largest SEO providers in the world.

Thanks to our maniacal commitment to Hitting our customers Over The Head (aka: HOTHing) with awesome products and service, we’ve grown to well over 20,000+ high value users all over the world.

Our mission is to help as many people in the world with SEO as possible, and have a blast while doing it.

We currently have our core team located in our central office in St. Pete Florida, as well as a large distributed team in the US and internationally.

Here are some reasons you want to work with us:

  • We are a driven, successful, fun company that is experiencing insane growth
  • We have awesome products, a great reputation, and systems for everything
  • Our branding is nuts. Our mascot is The HOTH monster and we have a 6’ tall HOTH costume
  • We’re awesome. 100% results driven. No bullshiters
  • You will work with a small team to make sure our customers are getting world class support
  • Your contribution will be rewarded with competitive pay
  • Work in a trendy office environment in downtown St. Pete

Skills/Knowledge you MUST have:

  • Experience with creating premium video content & driving traffic through video marketing
  • Experience distributing video content across multiple digital channels
  • Experience managing a video production team
  • Experience creating new systems and protocols
  • You can show us video marketing campaigns you’ve run and the results

Application Instructions:

To apply, please send an email to with the following requirements:

  • Email subject must be: First Name Last Name – Video Production Manager
  • For instance “Clayton Johnson – Video Production Manager” without quotes
  • Please attach a resume to your email
  • Email body must include an introduction
  • Tell us about who you are, why you want the job
  • Provide three samples of videos you have produced, shot, and edited
  • Any extra information that is relevant
  • Include the word banana somewhere in the email
  • Bonus points for a video introduction of you

If you have any questions about the position please email (this is encouraged).