How To Get Started With
The HOTH Affiliate Program

Getting started with your HOTH affiliate account couldn’t be easier. If you have a HOTH account, you are already an affiliate. You can immediately start using your unique tracking ID to refer users and start earning commission. Click here to log into your existing account

If you don’t have a HOTH account, you are missing out on a lot more than affiliate commission. Click here to sign up for a free account

1. Log in

Go to your affiliate dashboard by clicking on your name in the upper right-hand corner and scroll down to the “Affiliate Account” option.

2. Update Your Payment Information

Enter your PayPal address in the form and click the “Update PayPal Account” button.

3. Promote!

Click on the “Affiliate Links” tab to choose from loads of high-conversion affiliate banners. Or, use your unique affiliate link to recommend us to your friends and clients.

4. Earn

You will earn 25% commission for all orders within 60 days of when you referred the user(s).

You can view all your earnings right in your dashboard. No need to log into a separate, third-party control panel. You can view your earnings any time on the “Earnings” tab of your affiliate account.

Click here to log into your existing account

The HOTH Affiliate Program Details


• Earn 25% comissions on all purchases for referred customers in the first 60 days of their account
• Payouts on the 1st business day of the month
• Referred customer accounts must be active for 45 days before payout

To be an authorized affiliate of The HOTH, you agree to abide by the terms and conditions contained in this agreement.

Please read this agreement carefully before registering and using this service as an affiliate. By signing up for the HOTH affiliate program, you indicate your acceptance of this agreement and its terms and conditions.


• This is not a discount program and you cannot buy with your own affiliate code. We will delete any commissions suspect of this for any reason. We also block commissions from the same IP as the referrer.
• Buying branded domains NOT allowed. No legit brand has 50 branded sites.
• Absolutely NO use of words like “Warning,” “Scam,” or “Hoax” to get higher CTRs, but hurt the overall reputation & impression of the brand (a legitimate product doesn’t have people debating whether its a “scam”)
• All efforts must be 100% transparent. All mailers should be pre-approved. If you’re going to buy media & run different creatives, its best to clear them with us first.
• The HOTH is not a SEO consulting agency, only a linkbuilding service. We support questions about the service & orders, but we don’t provide advice to clients.
• We reserve the right to remove any suspicious commissions, remove affiliates, or place payments on hold on any affiliate that breaks these rules or for any reason.