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What is the HOTH?

The HOTH is a multifaceted, long-term link building service that allows Agencies and Publishers to focus on getting richer, instead of wasting time and energy building links. This means you can rank more sites, in less time, for less money than ever before. Backed by data from 1000s of SEO campaigns, The HOTH works, no matter the industry or competition.

We don’t B.S. about The HOTH, because it works.
We put our names and our faces behind The HOTH, because we believe in it.
Our clients invest in The HOTH, because it makes them money.

How It Works

Get Relevant, In-Content Links Easy As 1-2-3!

  • 1. Submit Your Inputs
    Take 15 seconds to submit your keywords & URLS that you want to rank for.
    Thats it!

  • 2. Relax!
    Read a magazine. Have a cocktail. Watch some Jersey Shore. Our massive team of workaholic link builders will be busy writing original, relevant content and building links back to your site.

  • 3. Get Links!
    BAM! Get quality links in our detailed HOTH Authority Report. After The Authority Module is complete, we’ll continue to slow drip links for 3+ weeks in our Volume Module!



  • Natural Link Building Strategy

    The HOTH link building strategy was developed for clients in the most vicious e-commerce niches. We focus on creating a natural Viral Link Structure that follows exactly the path of viral content on the web. There is no hocus pocus. No snake oil promises. Just a fine-tuned link building system, constantly being refined with real market data.

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  • Money Back Guarantee

    Time is money, and with The HOTH, you’ll know exactly when you’re going to receive your report. No back-and-forth wondering when work is going to be done. We Guarantee It.

    Our Bulletproof, 100% Money Back Guarantee gives you the peace of mind that you’ll get your link building report on time, every time.

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  • Scalable Link Building
  • Built To Scale

    If you’re a Search Agency or Major Publisher, link building is that bleeding sore that never heals. It takes a ton of time. It’s super boring. And outsourced work tends to be crap. The HOTH proudly powers Search Agencies worldwide. With a complete Customer Portal to help organize your campaigns, a full ordering and reporting API available, and an awesome Bulk Buyer Discount, we can help you scale.

    Learn about scaling with the HOTH here »





Endorsed by the Best SEOs on Earth

Numerous SEOs & Search Agencies Agree, The HOTH is a Beast in the SERPs!

  • “I’ve gone through a few linkwheel services and got all sorts of results… this is tied for the best two I’ve used. Sound SEO Strategy. A+ Service. And the price is right, too! Bluehat Approved.”
    Eli Aloisi
    Industry Legend. Author of BlueHatSEO.com

  • “The service that The HOTH provides is unparalleled. I ran the numbers, there was no way I could recreate the service for the price… Now we exclusively use The HOTH within our new flagship marketing division.”
    Brian H.
    Internet Marketing Manager, Publicly Traded Company (NASDAQ)

  • “In those two weeks we have taken two of three domains from googles 6th page to half way up the first… For one keyword, we now rank #3 and #6.”
    Adam Steele
    The Magistrate – Vancouver, BC

  • “After weathering the storm in a competitive niche and spending too much money on other SEOs with less results, I have finally found the one, The HOTH. The quality of links and content created by The HOTH trumps any other service I have used.”
    Alfonso L.
    Director of Corporate Outreach and Brand Development

Contextual SEO Link Building Solutions
Packages & Pricing

In 60 Seconds, you’ll stop worrying about link building
Because we’ll start doing it for you!

  • HOTH Mini

    For Low Competition Keywords
    3 URLs / 2 Keywords per URL
    1 Super Spun Article
    Approx Total Links To Site
    6 In-Content Links
    Authority Module
    Tier 1:
    Spun Article Posted to
    3 Top Level Blogs
    With 1 Post Each
    Tier 2:
    7+ Supporting Web 2.0 Properties
    20+ Supporting Social Bookmarks
    100+ Profile Links
    Volume Module
    50+ Supporting Links
    Slow Dripped
    HOTH Mini
    Standard English


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    HOTH Mini Plus+
    Premium English


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  • HOTH Results

    For Medium Competition Keywords
    3 URLs / 5 Keywords per URL
    5 Super Spun Articles
    Approx Total Links To Site
    32 In-Content Links
    Authority Module
    Tier 1:
    Spun Articles Posted to
    4 Top Level Blogs
    3 x 5 Posts, 1 x 1 Post
    Tier 2:
    55+ Supporting Web 2.0 Properties
    100+ Supporting Social Bookmarks
    500+ Profile Links
    Volume Module
    200+ Supporting Links
    Slow Dripped
    HOTH Results
    Standard English


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    HOTH Results Plus+
    Premium English


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  • HOTH Platinum

    Our Most Powerful Package
    3 URLs / 5 Keywords per URL
    24 100% Unique Articles On Tier 1
    Approx Total Links To Site
    48 In-Content Links
    Authority Module
    Tier 1:
    Unique (Non-Spun) Content
    8 Top Level Blogs
    With 3 Original Articles Each
    Tier 2: (Spun Content)
    75+ Supporting Web 2.0 Properties
    200+ Supporting Social Bookmarks
    500+ Profile Links
    Volume Module
    200+ Supporting Links
    Slow Dripped
    HOTH Platinum
    Standard English


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    HOTH Platinum Plus+
    Premium English


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Can I use Spanish Keywords / Foreign Keywords?
Yes as long as they use Roman characters. Here is a document we created that explains a bit more about using foreign keywords – Click here.

What information is required to place an order?
Each package of link building requires slightly different inputs. Click the package name to see the order form for each: Mini, Results, or Platinum.