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Free SEO Tools
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Use These Free SEO Tools To Make Your SEO Research Easier



SEO Analysis Tools



  • Backlink Checker

    With this tool, you can see the top backlinks of a specific domain. Quality links can help you outrank your competitors and get you additional referrer traffic.

    Click here to access the Backlink Checker

    word count tool





  • Search Competition

    With The HOTH’s Competitor’s Organic Search Checker you can easily check see who your biggest competition is. Simply input your URL and the tool will identify several domains with similar keywords.

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    Competitor’s Organic Search Checker



  • Organic Traffic Stats

    Quickly view various stats about your domain including keyword count, organic traffic, organic cost, and more! Enter up to 20 URL’s in the box and compare stats between each.

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    Search Engine Rankings





  • Rankings Checker

    With our search engine rankings tool, you can input a domain and find all the keywords that it ranks for. Use this to improve your own rankings, spy on competition, and do keyword research.

    Click here to check out the Rankings Checker

    Search Engine Rankings



Keyword Research Tools



  • Keyword Gap Analysis

    If you are able to see where you are being outperformed, you can have insight into where you need to shift your focus. This tool allows you to add 3 competitor domains and compare them.

    Click here to check out the Keyword Gap Analysis

    Best Free Keyword Gap Analysis Tool





  • Keyword Volume Checker

    Quickly check various keywords and the corresponding stats including search volume, cost per click, competition, and more! Enter up to 20 URL’s in the box and compare stats between each.

    Click here to check out the Keyword Volume Checker

    SEMrush Keywords



Content Tools









  • Content Readability

    The best way to check the quality of your writing. Did you know that the average American adult reads at an 8th grade level? Use this tool to help keep your content at an appropriate difficulty level.

    Click here to access the Content Readability Tool

    Best Free Readability Test Tool



  • Word Count

    The HOTH Word Count Tool is the best way to check the number of words on your webpage. Enter any URL and check to see if the content length is appropriate for your current SEO goals.

    Click here to access the Word Count Tool

    word count tool



Website Tools









  • SSL Certificate Checker

    Google announced they will be shutting down outdated SSL certificates. Use The HOTH SSL Certificate Checker to make sure your website’s certificate is set for success.

    Click here to access the SSL Certificate Checker

    Symantec checker



Auditing Tools