The HOTH SEO Affiliate Program

Here’s Why You’ll Make More Money Promoting Us



1. Insane Conversion Rates

Depending on the traffic source, we see conversion rates as high 20%! By contrast, similar offers convert at ~2%. We’re addicted to writing and testing compelling copy that makes customers choose us.

2. Industry Dominating 25% Payouts

Other branded offers pay 4-15% at best. We pay 25%. That means larger payouts in your pocket for each package ordered by your referrals. You can earn 5% on huge MEGA Packages ($50-$200 commission on each).

3. Earn $100-150 Per Referral With Our 60 Day Tracking Cookies

On average, each of our clients purchases 2.68 packages. That means they can easily spend $400-600 within their first 2 months of working with us. You get paid on all sales within 60 days of referring the client to us. That means you can easily make $100-150 per referral you send our way.

4. The Fastest Growing Brand in SEO Link Building

Why do you care about branding as an affiliate? Simple. Because people buy from brands they trust. Besides having a cute mascot and great graphic design, we put a lot of strategy, time and money into building our brand. We present at and attend major industry conferences. We contribute to leading publications. And we buy media to expand brand awareness. As a result, we’re the fastest growing brand in the space, and one whose conversions will continue to increase.

5. We Work Harder to Close Sales

Unlike other offers that have no real sales support, we have an inside sales team that quickly responds to any inquiries, resolves concerns, and closes sales. All promising leads are entered into our CRM and a member of our persistent, professional team follows up until the sale is closed and you get paid. Not only that, but we run retargeting advertising campaigns, that get more new customers to complete their purchases and existing customers to reorder. You get paid on all of that.

6. Constant Split Testing to Keep Conversions Growing

At any given time, we’re running at least 1 split test to improve conversions on our site. Many of these tests result in the improvements of 10-40%. That means you make more money, for doing nothing extra. Likewise, our product is constantly evolving to keep customers happy and coming back for more.

7. Optimized Banners Inside our Affiliate Interface

We give you the tools you need to succeed. Use our tested banners to get your campaign going in no time.

8. Our Customer Service Obsession Makes You Look Good

If you have a long time audience, each product recommendation helps or hurts your relationship with them. We are obsessed with delivering “WOW” experiences – aka HOTHing. With every order, every customer service interaction, every support request, our goal is to HOTH our customers. As a result, we’ll make you look good for referring telling your audience about us.

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