Grow Your Sales Pipeline With Lead Generation Through Social Advertising

Reach Thousands Of New Prospects Locally, Nationally, and Worldwide Through Social Advertising On Facebook & Instagram.

SEO Strategy
Scale Your Leads Consistently

Get More Pre-Vetted Leads & Grow Your Sales Through Social Ads

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Cost Effective Paid Traffic

Advertise In Front Of Millions For Less

Dedicated Campaign Manager
Dedicated Campaign Manager

Your own Social Ads traffic expert

Transparent Reporting
Transparent Reporting Dashboard

Know exactly what's happening with your campaigns

Grow Your Lead Numbers With Social Advertising

Ready to take your marketing to the next level and move towards an Omni-Channel approach?

Have our paid traffic experts bring your lead generation efforts to the next level through social ads.

Our experts help local and multi-location brands scale their lead generation efforts by the hundreds and they can help scale yours as well.

Through our proven setup, optimization, split test, and IOS-14 butt kicking process.

Competitor Analysis
Market Analysis & Campaign Design

Advanced Strategy That Delivers Results!

We use advanced market analysis and campaign design to ensure that you not only can compete, but you can also beat your competitors before your prospects even click your ad.

We analyze data from existing competitors including current offers they are running, ad copy styles, creatives, and more.

Lead Form Ads (To Kick IOS-14's Butt)

Missed Reporting Was A Thing Of The Past

Every client gets a customized strategy for your business & your goals.

We know IOS-14 and beyond has been a large butt-kicker when it comes to reporting and getting consistent results on social channels.

Our product development team and internal marketing department teamed up to combat this issue.

By utilizing Social Ads Lead Ad Forms we are able to get accurate data, obtain 1st party data, and scale!

Lead Ad Forms
Optimization Strategy

Get More Results With Our Advanced Optimization

You want a predictable stream of leads and sales that are flowing consistently.

That’s why we use our multi-step, strategic process to deliver maximum ROI.

1. Competitor Research & Campaign Design

Research & Design is the backbone of any campaign. During this process we will review past campaign data, competitor offers, ad copy, ad creative, and then design your campaign to have a winning edge. This allows your brand to stay competitive and stand out from the noise.

2. Split Testing

In our second phase of optimization, we build out multiple ad groups, creative, and ad copy to split test from the beginning. This allows us to see which elements bring in the best and usually the most cost-effective conversions.

3. Performance Optimization

After we get enough impressions, clicks, and results we then can start to cut out the worst-performing campaign elements to allow the algorithms to focus on our winners!

4. Scale

As we find more winning combinations, the testing never stops. We continue to grow your lead generation efforts through new copy variations, offer testing and creative elements.

CRM Integration
Lead Ad Forms & CRM Integrations

Get More Clicks & Customers With Seamless Integrations

By Utilizing Lead Ad Forms we’re able to connect your CRM directly to the campaign.

Meaning that once someone becomes a lead they are dropped into your CRM automatically. Once that individual becomes a lead your sales team can follow up with them instantly to close them!

Dedicated Campaign Manager

Your Personal Social Ads Expert By Your Side

With HOTH Social Ads, you get a dedicated campaign manager that will be your direct contact.

Every campaign manager is a paid traffic expert and works directly on your campaigns.

You’ll have full confidence that your campaign manager knows exactly what’s going on at all times.

Account Manager Ryan
Campaign Dashboard

Know Exactly What's Happening 24/7 With Our Transparent Reporting

See all your vital stats in your Campaign Dashboard so you always know exactly what’s happening on your campaigns!

On top of that, we’ll deliver weekly reports as well as monthly strategy calls to review performance and collaborate on strategies to scale your campaigns.

Customized Advertising

No Matter The Niche,
We've Got You Covered

We’ve managed campaigns for businesses in over 150+ different niches. Here’s some of our most popular:

  • Local Businesses

  • Movers

  • Insurance

  • Plumbers

Case Studies

Awesome Client Results

We developed a powerful strategy that produces incredible results. See what success looks like for our clients:

  • 1000’s Of Leads In 30 Days

    See how we built a fresh campaign and optimized in only 30 days to produce thousands of leads for only a dollar!

    Read full case study

  • $2 Leads Consistently For An Online Brand

    Find out how we helped grow a popular Ecommerce brand by generating them hundreds of new email subscribers!

    Read full case study

Free Strategy Session
Talk Social Ads Strategy With An Expert

Get expert advice on the right strategy for your business! In our 30 minute strategy session we’ll dive into:

  • Exactly how PPC can work for your business
  • How we’ll reduce your costs and maximize ROI
  • How to reach your lead generation and sales goals



What Customers Are Saying

Hear how The HOTH has helped customers grow their business.

I’m very satisfied with The HOTH, the service is outstanding and most importantly my campaigns are getting consistent results. Thank you so much for all of your help and everything you do!!

Better Dental

The best PPC campaign experience of any company we’ve worked with, not only in their knowledge and performance but also with the way they work with us.

Snap SEO

HOTH PPC has been fantastic. My campaign manager Bridget has gone above and beyond repeatedly. Working with her has been like having our own in-house PPC department.

Tri-Star Moving

How HOTH Social Ads Works

Onboarding Strategy Call

We start things off with an onboarding call to understand your business & goals. We'll show you projections on how to hit your goals.

Competitor Research & Campaign Setup

We’ll research and build a custom campaign to beat out your competitors through advanced research and give you the cutting edge in the market.

Campaign Launch

Let the results flow! Once you approve our campaign design, we'll push it live and start our optimization process.

Optimize, Scale, & Reporting

We'll optimize the campaigns for performance to reduce costs and maximize ROI. You'll get weekly reports from your dedicated campaign manager.

Pricing & Packages

example package
What you get with HOTH Social Ads
  • Competitor Analysis

    We'll perform competitive analysis and pre-optimize your campaigns

  • Advanced Optimization Strategy

    We use a multi-step strategy to deliver maximum ROI

  • High-Converting Buyer Traffic

    We create properly structured campaigns to bring your store the right buyers

  • Dedicated Campaign Manager

    Every Campaign Manager is a paid traffic expert and works directly with you

  • Flexible Campaign Types

    We'll create the prefect strategy for your goals

  • Transparent Reporting

    Know exactly what's happening with your campaign

Select your monthly ad spend

Ad Spend is paid directly to Facebook. The HOTH only collects the management fee.

$ 1,000
1,000 8,500 16,500 25,000 33,500 41,500 50,000+
HOTH Social Ads
Monthly Ad Spend

Monthly Mgmt Fee
1-Time Setup Fee

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Satisfaction Guarantee
100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We want you to feel confident in every purchase you make with us, which is why we are offering a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If for any reason you are not satisfied with our product, contact our support within 30 days of receiving your report and we’ll work with you to make it right!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Getting Started
  • Do you have a downloadable overview?
  • Do you need access to my Facebook Ad Account?

    Yes, we do. We will give you our Partner ID number and have you grant us admin access to your Ad Account, Pixel, and Business Manager.

  • What inputs are required to start an order?

    We created a PDF with the order inputs for HOTH Social Ads, check it out here.

  • Who Is This For?

    HOTH Social Ads is best suited for:

    1. Businesses who are already generating consistent sales
    If you are not getting consistent sales, you should use organic or free methods to confirm product-market fit before trying to scale with Social Ads.

    2. Businesses that can spend a minimum of $1,000 per month in Adspend for full Social Ad Lead Generation campaigns.

    3. Businesses that can commit to at least 3 months
    The launch phase of a campaign is the most important as we find the keywords that are converting and optimize the campaigns. You’ll want to stick around for at least 3 months so we can hone in the campaigns.

  • What if I don’t have a Facebook Ad Account?

    If you don’t have a Facebook Ad Account, you can set one up here.

  • What niches do you not accept?

    We currently are working with businesses that are focused on generating more leads. We do not accept niches that are against Facebook’s Advertising policy, found here. Additionally, we don’t accept advertising on PPC terms (i.e. we won’t run ads for you to get PPC clients) as it would be a conflict of interest for us.

  • How much do I need to be involved?

    You can be involved as little or as much as you like, but the businesses that take an active role in communication work best. We’re here to do all the hard work, but the more you communicate with us, the better we can optimize your campaigns!

  • How does pricing and payments work?

    Our tiers are designed based on total Ad Spend. You pay the actual ad spend directly to Facebook, and we simply charge the management fee. Please note, we are unable to offer refunds for any ad spend paid to Facebook. Once ad spend payments are made to Facebook, they are final.

  • Do you keep my credit card on file for ad spend?

    No, this is kept on file inside your Facebook Ads account and you’re charged directly from Facebook.

  • How can I calculate what my monthly Ad Spend should be?

    We have a great tool for that!

    You can also use our PPC calculator here.

    Alternatively, just book a call with us here and we can help!

Results & Deliverables
  • Will I receive reports?

    Yes, our goal is to be 100% transparent with you at all times. First, you’ll get a custom dashboard that you can access 24/7 to check the performance of your campaigns. Secondly, you’ll receive weekly updates from your campaign manager.

  • Where will I be able to see my ads?

    We currently advertise solely on Facebook’s Networks. With HOTH Social Ads you will have opportunities to advertise on Facebook, Messenger, and Instagram.

    Ask your Campaign Manager about expanding your campaign today!

  • Will I have access to the account?

    Yes, you will have access. You will be able to pop in at any time and view what is going on.

  • Will I own the ad account?

    Yes, you will own the ad account.

  • Is reporting white-label?

    Our reports are fully white-labeled and have no HOTH branding.

  • Can I run traffic to my website?

    As of right now, our campaigns are strictly focused on generating leads through Facebook Lead Ad Forms.

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