How To: The Eternal SEO Backlink Strategy

How would you like to know about a formula for ranking that Google LOVES, and will love until the end of time?

I know it sounds a little hypey… but I’m going to tell you what it is, and more than that, I’m going to give you a framework for how to think about link building and SEO for all of your sites.

This will help to give you a more clear understanding of what you should be doing with your sites.

The whole idea is very simple: Just ask yourself, Would this happen naturally on the web?

The Eternal SEO Strategy for Backlinks

Here’s what we currently do and what we’ll forever do with our SEO strategy:

  1. Look at the websites that are ranking.
  2. Observe them, the natural web, and what is going on behind the scenes.
  3. Replicate the process in a controlled and scalable fashion.
  4. Measure results, tweak as necessary, and repeat.

This results in a very up-to-date, repeatable, natural SEO strategy that will survive no matter what (because we are always looking at what is currently working).

I encourage everyone to really break down what they hear online and think about what happens in the real world of links & sites.

Now I’d like to show you what kinds of content Google LOVES, why they love it, and why it ranks so highly.

Google wants to show the most up to date, most important information on a topic, because that’s what users want. Google loves stuff that goes viral.

Why Virality Wins in SEO Link Building

Virality = Important & Current Content

Google loves serving up results that are viral. For example, they recently bumped up their freshness factor, put Google news results directly into their results, made patents on determining virality scores, and much more.

So what happens when something goes viral?

  1. Original Post: Someone posts something online like a cool video, graphic, or controversial article.
  2. Early Influencer Shares: A publisher covers the story or an influencer shares it on their blog, social media etc.
  3. Middle-Adopters spread: Lots of other followers re-post the influencer’s article to their personal blogs, profiles, social sites and more.
  4. Late-Adopters continue dripping: After the initial burst, the responses continue to drip out for weeks after it hits critical mass.
  5. This naturally creates a pyramid of links linking back to the original article / video / post.

    If there are enough signals pointing toward something going viral, Google will push that result up the chain.

    Sound familiar?

    That’s because this is exactly the same backlinking process that we replicate here at The HOTH.

    The HOTH mimics virality in content distribution and guarantees that it happens every time, instead of hoping and praying, because we make it happen!

    Here’s How the HOTH Link Building Process Breaks Down:

    1. First we start with your website.
    2. You choose the keywords and URLs that you want to rank. Our team of writers then creates awesome custom content around these inputs.
    3. We then mimic the viral process by sharing your custom content on authority sites like WordPress, Tumblr, and more. (We call these Top Levels because they are on the top part of the pyramid. They are “mini-authority” blog properties).
    4. Then, just like in the real world, responses to these blog articles get posted to blogs, social sites, and other diverse properties which link up to the authority blogs (these are supporting links).
    5. This all happens in a burst initially, just like a viral post. But then we slow drip more articles linking to the top level posts for 3+ weeks. This simulates popularity (we call this part the Volume Module).

    This same link structure happens naturally every day on the web, which is why Google loves it, and that’s why we do it the way we do.

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