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What Is Page Authority & How To Improve It

By | March 17, 2016

Increasing the page authority of your backlinks can dramatically increase your results.

In today’s article I’m going to show you exactly:

  • What is Moz PA / Page Authority
  • How to improve it
  • The secret sauce we’ve been using to make our campaigns pop
  • How to boost your backlinks to deliver double or triple the value of the link
  • How to increase the page authority of your backlinks
  • How to rank secondary properties in the most cost efficient way possible

Let’s get into it!

The Secret To High Quality Backlinks

Domain Authority is a popular way to measure the quality of the domain that you are getting a link from. It’s a metric created by Moz with Open Site Explorer and it’s a pretty common substitute for Toolbar Page Rank (which Google officially put the nail in the coffin recently).

What Is Domain Authority And Page Authority

What Is Domain Authority


Domain Authority measures the strength of a website by combining multiple link metrics into one (number of links, power of links, etc).

Whereas DA measures the overall strength of the domain, there is another metric called Page Authority which measures the strength of just that page (mostly, a subpage like

Sometimes you can get a link from a high authority domain, but the link doesn’t do much.

Here are a couple scenarios on why that would happen:

Problem 1: The Homepage Roll – Off

Many sites get backlinks from blog posts or guest posts. When the post is published, it goes on the main homepage of the site, where most of the juice is.

Google finds it and highly rewards you, because the page authority of the homepage (where your link is when it first gets published) is very high. Usually on most sites, the majority of the backlinks come to the root domain (the homepage), so it’s the strongest page on the entire site.

As more posts are published, your post will roll off the homepage to a subpage – usually a category, or numbered page and it will loose much of the link value you once had.

Blog Pagination

Blog Pagination


It no longer will be on the “homepage” that has a ton of links coming to it, your link will be on a page that has little or no links, and much less page authority.

Problem 2: High Domain Authority, Buried Subpage

You may land a link on a great directory or website with a huge domain authority, but your page will have a PA of 0 or 1 if you don’t have a bunch of internal links from the site propping it up. Not so hot!

High DA, Low PA

High DA, Low PA


If you don’t have any more internal links on this site, your link won’t be worth much.

Problem 3: Quality vs Quantity

Google more and more is showing us that they want quality vs quantity. What happens when you have a bunch of low page authority links coming to your site?

Google wants to see high domain authority AND page authority, which is why we are going to work on increasing that.

When you do this, it means you can build fewer links direct to your site, and see more results!

How To Increase Page Authority & Ranking Power

How do you solve these problems?

There’s a number of ways you could do it, like building internal links via interacting on the site you have you link on (commenting, liking, etc), but the easiest way is to just build backlinks to your backlinks!

When you boost your backlinks with 2nd tier links, Google crawls them and gives you more credit for the link on that page.

These are called 2nd tier links because they don’t point directly to your main site.

The great thing about 2nd tier links is you can be more aggressive with them since we’re not sending these direct to our site.

ON top of that, big authority properties like directories, Youtube, Facebook, etc. already have tons of links, so they can handle these types of links, where your site probably doesn’t have millions of backlinks already.

When you send links to your backlinks, a few things happen:

  1. Increases the power of the links you worked so hard to get!
  2. Ensures that the pages will get indexed & spidered more often.
  3. Ensures the pages don’t lose value as they roll off the homepage.
  4. Helps rank these properties so you can get referral traffic!

We have used the power of 2nd tier links since the beginning of The HOTH and they work great to increase the page authority and ranking power.

How To Boost Your Links

We just made it super easy to boost any backlinks you have with our newest product HOTH Boost.

Here’s how it works:

1. Give us your URL and keywords
We suggest 1 URL per order, however, you can give us as many URLs & keywords as you’d like. We will randomly use them in the order. We suggest getting lots of long tail variations of your keywords to use (20+).

2. We write a contextually relevant article
We will write a contextually relevant article and place your link in the article.

3. We distribute it on high authority blogs
We will distribute this article on high authority blogs.

4. Your links get more power!
As Google crawls these 2nd tier links – It creates higher page authority for the page your targeting and you get massive power from these backlinks.

Over time (usually 2-3 months) you’ll see other link checking services pick it up too. For instance, your Moz PA will increase after a few months.

Remember: You have to be really patient when checking Moz stats. It takes a few months for Moz to recalculate. (Remember Moz has to crawl the entire internet and recalculate, it doesn’t happen immediately!) What matters most is that Google actually picks up the links.

Get The Best Bang For Your Buck

We put together this solution to bring you the best price + value possible. If you want to boost your backlinks and rank secondary properties, get HOTH Boost now!

Click here to check out HOTH Boost.

Clayton Johnson is the CMO of The HOTH SEO company. He has over 8+ years experience in the SEO industry and has spoken at events like SEJ Summit. The HOTH has been featured in Inc 5000, Forbes, SMX, Pubcon, Content Marketing World, Affiliate Summit, Brighton and more.

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