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  • Anchor Text Ratios & Best Practices For Faster Rankings

    Anchor Text

    This article was contributed to our SEO community blog by Adam White of SEO Jet For the last 5 years there has been a common practice among SEOs both established and new, it’s what I call the shotgun approach to link building (more on that in a minute). Once Google made all of their anchor […]

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  • Local SEO For Multiple Location Businesses (And Franchises)

    multiple location seo

    Want to know how to do SEO for a business with multiple locations? This post has you covered! With just a little time and effort, you can start cashing in on the customers in your area who are ready to purchase right now. Did you know that a whopping 46% of all searches on Google […]

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  • How To Optimize For Featured Snippets And Rank In Position Zero

    Featured snippets are taking over Google’s search results, and it’s vital to understand what they are and how to optimize for them. Featured snippets and SERP features may be one of the biggest changes to how traffic flows through Google in the last few years, and we expect this to increase. In this guide, we’ll […]

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  • How To Get White-Hat Links For SEO With Blogger Outreach

    White Hat Links

    White-hat links. Are those even real? When people talk about SEO, they like to divide it into groups with all different style “hats” – some that participate in the dark side, and some that are 100% clean and compliant with Google – “the white hats”. The reality is any type of link building is meant […]

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  • Content Gap Analysis: How To Find 100+ Content Ideas in 3 Minutes!

    Content Gap Analysis

    Would you like to be able to generate 100, or even 1000+ content ideas in less than 3 minutes? This can save you tons of time… and help you take over all the keywords in your industry strategically. How is this possible? Behold, the power of the content gap analysis! What Is A Content Gap […]

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  • How To Get Thousands Of SEO Leads (10 Killer Strategies)

    How To Get SEO Leads

    This AMAZING article was contributed to our SEO community blog by Marvin Russell from MySiteAuditor You can get a massive discount on his lead generation software by checking out the HOTH Partners page. I sold SEO services for over ten years as the CEO of The Ocean Agency, a digital marketing agency in Chicago, IL. […]

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  • The Ultimate SEO Strategy Template For Getting More Website Traffic

    seo strategy blueprint

    Do you have an SEO strategy for this year? I want to make sure you have THE BEST info available on what is currently working in the world of SEO. I’m compacting down all our experience watching thousands of orders, sites, and case studies into this post. The strategy laid out in here has generated […]

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  • The Secret To Ranking In A Competitive Industry

    Most SEO advice goes like this: “Find high volume keywords with low competition and try to rank for those.” This might be good advice for newbies, but let’s face it… You’re not in this to add a tiny trickle of traffic to your business… You’re in this to WIN! There are not a lot of […]

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  • How to Diagnose and Repair a Rankings Drop in 10 Simple Steps

    Is this familiar? You check to see how your website’s pages are ranking… …and all of a sudden you see a drop in their positions. There are lots of reasons for why this could happen. Regardless of the reason: rankings drops cost you money. The key is not to panic. Rankings fluctuate all the time. […]

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  • Google’s Medic Update: How To Fix Your Website If You Were Hit

    google medic update

    Did your website’s rankings change after the most recent Google update? Whether they did or not, this is a great time for you to learn how to safeguard your website from Google’s Medic update and any other future algorithm updates. Before I tell you how to hold on to your rankings, here’s what happened with […]

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