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  • What Is Content Syndication & How Does It Work?

    content syndication

    Do you want to know how to drive more links and traffic back to your site… without writing new content? You’d be able to get more value out of every piece of content you write, get more links, and get more eyeballs. The cool thing is this can be done with content syndication. Today, I’m […]

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  • 4 Powerful and Often Forgotten On Page SEO Strategies to Boost Your Google Rankings…

    onpage seo strategies

    When it comes to SEO and trying to get your website to rank in Google, the “exciting” tasks often get all the attention. It’s exciting to publish new articles. It’s exciting to get new external backlinks. While these types of tasks are important for ranking your site, there are often some “forgotten” strategies that can […]

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  • Using Video to Improve Your SEO: 3 HUGE Benefits (And How to Do it)

    It’s no secret that video is a rapidly growing trend in digital marketing. Video content offers many benefits over text-based content, such as being more engaging and memorable. But why should you focus your resources on video content? The answer is simple: video can do GREAT things for your SEO. As you probably know, Google […]

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  • Automotive Car Dealership SEO Case Study (147% Increase In Traffic!)

    Want to see how we recovered a local car dealer from a penalty and increased their site traffic 147%? Let’s get into it! Background This is a car dealership with several locations based out of the UK and focus on high-end luxury vehicles. Most of the terms they want to target have search volume on […]

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  • Amazon SEO: 4 Essential Strategies To Rank Your Products

    Amazon SEO

    You and your team have developed a great product. It solves problems. It’s unique and intuitive. It makes life better for people. But when people search products, your solution remains buried in the results beneath inferior imposters.  It’s demoralizing. It feels completely unfair. But in today’s article – I’m going to show you exactly how […]

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  • March 2019 Core Update: What It Is and Action Steps to Take

    In early March 2019, Google rolled out a major “core update” that caused some websites to see an increase in search traffic while other sites declined in traffic. What is the March 2019 Core Update? What changes occurred and what can website owners do to optimize their site for search traffic going forward? Here are […]

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  • How To Promote Content Like The Big Dogs (NEW Strategy Inside)

    Promote Content Like The Big Dogs

    About a year ago I was researching how some of the biggest publishing sites online were getting links and ranking. This started with Nerdwallet – one site that absolutely dominates the finance niche. Nerdwallet ranks for everything from credit cards to loans, driving over 11 MILLION visitors per month with organic traffic and a reported […]

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  • Why You Need The Gym Of SEO

    The SEO Gym

    Have you ever tried to get in shape? Build muscle? Lose weight? It’s easy to give up, because results take a LONG time. You can work out really hard one day… …but you won’t look much different. You can also eat a tub of ice cream… …and it won’t change hardly anything. But if you […]

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  • 3 Hacks To Get Awesome Content Without Writing It Yourself

    Does this sound like you? You know you need to get more content on your site, but you’re still writing all the content yourself – which is almost an impossible job. Your competitors have way more content than you. You’re going up against industry journals that have staff writers and contributors. Finding someone to write […]

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  • How To Develop a Content Strategy

    Content marketing can be a great way to create long term growth for your business, but many businesses struggle with how to get started. Marketing is generally more effective when people take time to create a strategy and break it down into easy to follow steps. According to Content Marketing Institute, 60% of the most […]

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