Have you ever heard the phrase, “What gets measured gets managed?”

It’s true.

If you aren’t tracking, you might as well be fumbling around in the dark. To be successful in anything, you need to know what’s going on.

That’s why professional bodybuilders have logs of every workout and every calorie consumed. Or why Ben Franklin made his own habit tracker, or why Kobe Bryant tracks the number of shots he makes and doesn’t leave the gym until he hits 800.

These people all track & measure, and they succeed.

So let’s apply this logic to an easy system you can use for SEO to understand what’s going on with your sites & track your success.

There are lots of ways to do it depending on the metrics you want to track, but one way or another you need to be tracking your results.

If you are reselling to clients, you don’t necessarily need to show them everything, but you’ll want to have it all at least for yourself.

1. How To Track Your Website Traffic

You should also measure traffic changes to see how many people are visiting your website over time.

Your rankings show you where you fall in the search results, but traffic shows how many people actually visit your site

You can use a free tool like Google Analytics for this, but you can also use Clicky as an alternative.

Here at The HOTH, we offer a free Website Traffic Checker to help you monitor how much traffic you and your competitors are getting.

2. How To Track Keyword Rankings

You’ll also want to track is where your website ranks for individual keywords in Google.

You can automatically track your historical keyword rankings with our Rank Tracking tool, HOTH Rank Tracker!

All you have to do is plug in the keywords that you want to track and your website address and it will keep track of what position your website is in for each keyword over time.

It will spit out nice-looking charts like this one!

SEO Rank Tracking

By tracking your keyword rankings, you’ll be able to see if you’re improving or not.

3. How to Track Number Of Backlinks

The amount and quality of backlinks you have to your site is still a major ranking factor.

You can keep track of the number of backlinks you have with our free tool here or with a tool like the SEMrush Backlink Audit.

backlinks report


These are the basic tracking that you’ll want to do to start out.

If you cover these 3 things you’ll have a good solid base for what’s going on with your sites, know where you’re seeing results, and easily see where there is more work to do.

Happy Tracking!