How often do you review your web copy?

It’s easy for web copy to become stale or outdated. Your web copy needs to be periodically refreshed to ensure it’s performing at its best, and this becomes challenging as your site grows and you continue adding new sales pages.

Search trends are in constant flux and content needs to be checked for accuracy. Furthermore, you want to find a way to fix any low-performing pages on your site.

This blog will discuss the top four reasons to routinely optimize your web content. Keep reading below to learn more.

Stay On Top of Shifting Keyword Trends

Keywords are one of the top reasons not to let your web content go stagnant. Consumer behavior and search trends are constantly shifting. What was once a high-performing keyword may not be so today.

Here’s one example. Searches for new cars decreased by 19% after the COVID-19 pandemic and the accompanying economic crisis. People were stuck at home and they were afraid to spend money on big-ticket items.

At the same time, searches for car repairs increased. This means dealerships needed to shift their SEO strategy to highlight more maintenance projects.

Each web page on your website should be optimized for one keyword. Ideally, each of these keywords represents one of your products or services.

It’s imperative that online businesses monitor how each keyword is performing so they can pivot if trends shift.

Don’t Let Outdated Content Be a Problem

Information is constantly changing—especially on the internet!

Older content generates a lot of traffic because it’s been shared, linked, or liked more than newer ones. But, that doesn’t mean they should be neglected.

An obvious consequence of not updating content would be providing conflicting information to a customer. If customers get angry over the miscommunication, you may need to discount services to keep them happy.

The worst-case scenario would be losing them as a customer.

Websites with dated content also look out of touch. Shoppers may think it’s gone out of business. Texts, fonts, or coding may also appear awkward if they haven’t been updated.

It’s also likely that principles of web design have evolved since the site first went live.

Refreshing Your Older Content Boosts SEO

Online businesses with limited staff and time can actually refresh older pages to capture new customers.

The key is selecting a low-performing page. Your next step would be to incorporate new high-performing keywords to ensure it’s optimized. This may require a bit of keyword research first.

Then, rewrite the headings or copy around that new keyword. Include any new information or provide additional context for customers.

It may take some time to discover if the changes worked. Eventually, you’ll see if traffic has increased or if you need to go back to the drawing board.

Old blogs can also be updated and republished, or you can create a second blog post that is similar to the original topic.

Of course, be careful that any new content is an exact copy of the original. That could result in a Google penalty for duplicate content.

Get More Conversions by Optimizing Your Web Content

Refreshing web copy and blogs can improve your SEO. But, you can also continue optimizing your conversions to get more sales.

First of all, you can determine your conversion rate by dividing the number of conversions by the number of visitors and multiplying it by 100.

For example: 20 conversions per month / 1,000 visitors X 100 = 2% conversion rate

It’s important to know your conversion rate to tell if it’s low and then to be able to track any progress.

A lower conversion rate means you’ll need to switch up certain elements of your page.

In basic terms, you’ll want to do some research. Write up multiple drafts of copy and select several images. Use A/B testing to determine which one is the most effective in driving customer conversions.

Need Help Optimizing Your Web Copy?

Nothing on your website should be set-and-forget, especially your web copy. You will need to routinely optimize your web copy to ensure it’s performing at peak levels.

This includes monitoring for outdated information, refreshing content, optimizing your conversion pages, and staying on top of keyword trends.

We understand there is a lot to keep track of when it comes to managing websites. That’s why HOTH Web Copy is available to make recommendations on your site and draft optimized copy for you.

Do you have any additional questions on optimizing web copy? Simply book a call with our team.