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June 2023

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These deals expire at 11:59pm EST on 06/30/2023

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June Credits Sale

🎉 Anniversary Credits Celebration

It’s been 10 years since our parent company, Next Net Media, acquired The HOTH! To celebrate, we’re running our famous credits sale in June.

Get a HUGE bonus when you purchase HOTH credits. Bonuses are dependent upon the tier you fall into:

  • Purchase $1,000-$2,499 in credits = 5% credits bonus
  • Purchase $2,500-$14,999 in credits = 10% credits bonus
  • Purchase $15,000-$49,999 in credits = 15% credits bonus
  • Purchase $50,000-$99,999 in credits = 20% credits bonus
  • Purchase $100,000+ in credits = 22.5% credits bonus

If you need to spend some marketing budget before it gets cut, this is a great way to prepay and put your budget towards some or ALL of your future SEO services!

Simply purchase any amount of HOTH Credits and we’ll manually drop your bonus credits into your account within 1 business day.

Managed SEO Double Down

Double Your HOTH X Order Size

HOTH X is our custom-built SEO Solution that gets you qualified, targeted traffic to grow your visitors and increase your conversions.

When you sign a 6-month HOTH X contract, we’ll automatically double your order size in month 1. That means your campaign gets more SEO power to move the needle and boost you up the search engines!

HOTH X comes in increments of $500. So that means if you order a:

  • HOTH X 500, it turns into a 1,000 budget in month 1
  • HOTH X 1000, it turns into a 2,000 budget in month 1
  • HOTH X 2500, it turns into a 5,000 budget in month 1
  • And so on!

To lock in a HOTH X contract and get this deal, simply book a call with us and we’ll get you all squared away!

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  • Which packages are right for you
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