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Below you’ll find real reviews of the HOTH based on our customer’s experiences. We have thousands of positive reviews now because we made customer service a priority from the beginning.

When we started The HOTH, we wanted to do something different. SEO has traditionally had a bad rep because of the lack of support, shady providers, and big changes made by Google updates.

We know this all very well – We started in 2010, and the biggest updates in Google’s history came right after our inception. Not only did we survive, we grew tremendously through all the updates due to our dedication to HOTHing (going above and beyond) and taking customer service as a top priority.

We have worked really hard to be the BEST SEO company for you, but we know you have doubts. That’s why we want to provide overwhelming proof that The HOTH stands behind our services and we take your results as our duty.

Check out the 1500+ reviews below from real customers. We’d love to help you start HOTHing the SERPs! Book a complimentary consultation here or check out our full suite of SEO products.



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