Careers At The HOTH

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Open US Positions:

Sales Hacker

St. Pete, FL – We’re looking for a dedicated, driven people-pleaser to help our guide our customers to the right products and make sure that they are getting everything they need. As a part of the account manager and sales team, you will be the important 1st contact of our customers. (see more)


Content Marketing Manager

St. Pete, FL – We’re looking for an amazing content marketing manger to help us scale content.As a part of the production management team, you will be the head of content. (see more)


Account Manager

St. Pete, FL – Our account managers are our direct connection with our clients. You will be in charge of making sure our customers have an amazing experience. (see more)


Production Manager

St. Pete, FL – As a production manager, you will help make sure all our products are running smooth as butter and that customers are ecstatic with the results and turnaround.(see more)


Quality Control

St. Pete, FL – As part of our quality control team, you will be double checking to make sure that everything that we produce turns out perfect, making the customer experience very reliable… (see more)


Content Team

Our writers are at the core of what we do — creating quality, unique content for our clients. As an article writer, you will be assigned topics on which to create content. (see more)