HOTH SEO & PPC Client Case Studies

The HOTH’s growing collection of SEO and PPC case studies.
Discover how we were able to drive big-time results for our clients.

SEO Case Study | Finance

From Zero To 25,000 Ranking Keywords!

Check out how we were able to rank a financial website for 25k keywords to help them achieve an estimated traffic value of $351,000 per month.

SEO Case Study | E-Commerce

E-Commerce SEO Case Study (From 100 to 2500 Monthly Visitors)

See how we harnessed the power of long-form content to increase their organic traffic by over 2300% in just 6 months working with us!

SEO Case Study | Travel & Tourism

Travel & Tourism SEO Case Study (Now Ranking #1!)

See how we were able to boost a tourism company into the top 3 spots on Google resulting in a 5X increase in website traffic!

SEO Case Study | SAAS

SAAS SEO Case Study (5X'd Website Traffic!)

Check out how we were able to complement their content creation with our link building to get them an estimated traffic value of almost $10,000 a month.

SEO Case Study | Automotive

Car Dealer SEO Case Study (147% Traffic Increase!)

Check out how we recovered their rankings from a penalty and took their #1 exact match key term from barely hanging on to of page 1 of Google to dominating position #2.

SEO Case Study | Law & Legal

Law Firm’s SEO Case Study (334% Increase In Traffic!)

[VIDEO] Learn how we recovered a law firm's rankings after they were hit by a Google algorithm update and how we increased their website traffic by 334% in 6 months.

SEO Case Study | E-Commerce

Online Store SEO Case Study (10X Increase In Traffic!)

Learn how we took this business from getting 500 website visitors a month to almost 5,000 visitors a month, in only 3 months working with us.

SEO Case Study | Local Business

International SEO Case Study (Huge ROI On SEO)

This company knows ROI! Learn how they’ve spent $5K with us, total, and how they now have an estimated traffic value of $8k, PER MONTH.

PPC Case Study | E-Commerce

E-Commerce PPC Case Study (Reduced Cost Per Lead By 85%)

In this PPC case study we'll show you how we took an existing campaign, dropped the lead cost by over 85%, saved them thousands in ad spend, all while 6x’ing the monthly lead count.

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