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  • Get Your Content Seen

    Getting your content in front of the eyes of your prospects isn’t always easy. If you want to get your content published, you’re often at the whim of editors who ignore thousands of pitches per day. Even if you do get through to them, there is no guarantee they will run your story.

    What if there was a way you could get your content published and reach markets all across the US – guaranteed?

  • HOTH Syndication Distribution



  • What Is HOTH Syndication?

    HOTH Syndication gives you a direct line to thousands of new readers. Just submit your content and we’ll guarantee you get published on 100+ high authority news sites across the US.

    You can distribute new content or republish existing content!

  • New Content
  • Distribute Original Content

    Use our service to distribute original (new) content and get in front of thousands of readers. When you publish original content, you can take advantage of the high site authority of the publisher and rank the content in search engines. Make sure to include a clear CTA / link back to your site for additional referral traffic!

  • Content Republishing
  • Distribute Existing Content (Content Republishing)

    Instead of creating new content each time, you can simply republish existing content. Republishing takes little effort. No need to worry about duplicate content, the site republishing the content can simply use the rel=canonical tag which will source the original blog at the bottom with a link. (More info in the FAQ!)



  • Fortune 500 Strategy
  • You’re In Good Company

    Content distribution and syndication has been used by Fortune 500 companies for years, but was not available without navigating the difficult publishing space.

    Now, with HOTHSyndication, you have access to the same strategies as major publishers – at a fraction of the price!



  • Now With Bragging Rights

    On top of the benefits of getting your content in front of a whole new audience, you can use your new published content as social proof.

    You’ll be featured on major publications across the US, so make sure you’re audience knows that you’ve been featured!

  • As Seen On Badge







How It Works


  • Step 1
    Submit Your Content

    Purchase HOTHSyndication and submit your content. You can submit original or existing content.
  • Step 2
    Distribution & Syndication

    We will distribute and syndicate your content to over 100+ major news publishers across the US. We guarantee your content will be published or your money back!
  • Step 3
    White Label Reporting

    We give you a 100% transparent, white-label report of all the published URLs. You’ll know exactly where your content went!



Packages & Pricing


  • HOTHSyndication

    Guaranteed Distribution & Placement
    100+ News Sites
    NBC, FOX, ABC, CBS & More


    Per Distribution

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What information is required to place an order?
To see what a sample input form looks like, click here .

Do you have any samples that I can see?
We sure do, click here to see our samples.

What niches do you accept for syndication?
We can do all niches except for:

  • Gambling & casino
  • Politics
  • Explosives
  • Guns
  • Weapons
  • Alcohol
  • Illicit Drugs
  • Tobacco
  • Cosmetic procedures & body modification
  • Dating
  • Adult & Sex
  • Sexual Reproductive Health
  • Politics and International news

Can the content be promotional?
No, the content has to be an informational blog post.

Is there a required word count for the content?
There is no required word count for HOTH Syndication.

Are all of the links Do Follow?
Many of the links will be do-follow, however, we do not have control over these sites and some links will be no-follow.

Do all publishers use the rel=canonical tag?
We encourage all of our publishers to use the original link as the rel=canonical tag, however, we cannot guarantee that all publishers will.

What About Duplicate Content?
Great question! Content republishing is actually very common in the publishing industry but is often a misunderstood concept within SEO.

There are many great reasons to republish or syndicate content, as long as you handle the SEO part of it correctly as recommended by Google.

The Good News is HOTHSyndication takes care of all this for you!

One great resource is this video from Moz’s Whiteboard Friday about content syndication:

A few things you may want to consider before republishing existing content:

  • Wait until your original content is indexed before using HOTHSyndication to ensure Google sees your version as the original
  • Use the canonical tag to show search engines your version is the original.
  • Consider linking to the original content within the article.
  • Consider changing a percentage of the content and/or the headline.

With that said, HOTHSyndication by default takes all the necessary precautions laid out by Google so you don’t need to do anything!