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Reseller Friendly

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Getting your blog posts in front of the eyes of your prospects isn’t always easy. If you want to get your content published, you’re often at the whim of editors who ignore thousands of pitches per day. Even if you do get through to them, there is no guarantee they will run your story.

What if there was a way you could get your content published and reach markets all across the US – guaranteed?

HOTH Syndication Distribution

What Is HOTH Syndication?

HOTH Syndication gives you a direct line to thousands of new readers. Just submit your content and we’ll guarantee you get published on 300+ news sites across the US. Instead of creating new blogs each time, you can simply republish existing content. Republishing takes little effort.

Fortune 500 Strategy

You’re In Good Company

Content distribution and syndication has been used by Fortune 500 companies for years, but was not available without navigating the difficult publishing space.

Now, with HOTHSyndication, you have access to the same strategies as major publishers – at a fraction of the price!

Get The Most Out Of Syndication

Best Blog Posts

There are a bunch of different kinds of blog posts but the ones that work best for syndication are informational blog posts. The more informative and helpful your post is, the more likely sites are to share it.

Content Topics

Syndication is one of our most flexible products in terms of topics. We can syndicate content on gray niche subjects, such as crypto and cannabis.

Get The Perfect Content Automatically

Not sure what blog post of yours would be good to syndicate? Let us write the perfect one for you with HOTH Blogger, then sydicate it across 300+ authoratiative sites!

How To Get The Most Out Of Content Syndication
Best Syndication Practices

Content syndication is like a deep-dish pizza: you really want to get your hands on a piece of that pie, but there’s a lot more than meets the eye. Check out our content syndication guide so you can maximize your efforts when boosting your content and link building game.



How HOTH Syndication Works

Submit Your Content

Purchase HOTH Syndication and submit the URL of your blog content.

Distribution & Syndication

We will distribute and syndicate your blog content to over 300+ news publishers across the US. We guarantee your content will be published or your money back!

White Label Reporting

We give you a 100% transparent, white-label report of all the published URLs. You’ll know exactly where your content went!

Pricing & Packages

HOTH Syndication

Guaranteed Distribution & Placement 300+ News Sites

$99 Per Distribution

  • Distributed to 300+ Authority News Outlets
  • Diversified White-Hat Links
  • DA 10-90+
Satisfaction Guarantee
100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We want you to feel confident in every purchase you make with us, which is why we are offering a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If for any reason you are not satisfied with our product, contact our support within 30 days of receiving your report and we’ll work with you to make it right!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Getting Started
  • What information is required to place an order?

    To see what a sample input form looks like, click here.

  • Do you have any samples that I can see?

    We sure do, click here to see our samples.

  • Can you syndicate grey niches?

    Yes we can! With grey niches there’s a chance you will get fewer links than a non-grey niche, however, we guarantee you’ll still receive at least 300 links.

    Here are the grey niches we can accept:

    • Gambling & casino
    • Explosives
    • Guns
    • Weapons
    • Alcohol
    • Tobacco & Vaping
    • Cosmetic procedures & body modification
    • Marijuana related topics including dispensaries, glassware, THC, etc.
    • Torrenting and similar file downloading systems
    • Dating
    • Adult & Sex
    • Sexual Reproductive Health
    • Politics and International news
    • Cryptocurrency
    • Inappropriate Use of Language
    • Kratom
    • COVID-19 Topics
  • What niches are not allowed for syndication?

    The only niches we can’t syndicate are:

    • Illicit Drugs
  • Can the content be promotional?

    No, the content has to be an informational blog post.

  • Is there a required word count for the content?

    There is no required word count for HOTH Syndication.

Results & Deliverables
  • Are all of the links Do Follow?

    Many of the links will be do-follow, however, we do not have control over these sites and some links will be no-follow.

  • What is the turnaround time?

    Normal turnaround is 10 days from when you place the order. The turnaround time for this product may be subject to delay if we receive a URL that is not a blog post.

  • Can you fulfill orders for gray niche topics?

    Yes we can. However, if you submit an order that has a gray niche topic, there’s a chance you could get fewer placements. It will still meet the 300 placement minimum but it could be less than a non-gray niche order.

  • What About Duplicate Content?

    Great question! Content republishing is actually very common in the publishing industry but is often a misunderstood concept within SEO.

    There are many great reasons to republish or syndicate content, as long as you handle the SEO part of it correctly as recommended by Google.

    The Good News is HOTHSyndication takes care of all this for you!

    One great resource is this video from Moz’s Whiteboard Friday about content syndication:

    A few things you may want to consider before republishing existing content:

    • Wait until your original content is indexed before using HOTHSyndication to ensure Google sees your version as the original
    • Consider linking to the original content within the article.
    • Consider changing a percentage of the content and/or the headline.

    With that said, HOTHSyndication by default takes all the necessary precautions laid out by Google so you don’t need to do anything!

  • What happens if my link goes down?

    We’ll gladly replace any links that go down within six months of the order being completed.

  • Can I request edits to my Blog content before it gets Syndicated?

    We will be unable to make significant edits to content from your blog post although on a case by case basis we can consider anchor text adjustments when appropriate.

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