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  • July SEO Deals

    These deals expire 12:00 a.m. EST on 08/01/2021.


    Deal #1: Get First Month Free AND a Waived Set Up Fee For PPC Remarketing

    In July we’re giving you the perfect way to start with our Remarketing services! When you sign a 3-month contract, your first month is free AND we’re going to waive the setup fee!

    To sign up on a PPC Remarketing contract and get this deal, simply book a call with us and we’ll get you all squared away!

    Lock In The Deal Now

    Terms & Conditions: The free PPC remarketing offer applies to our management fee of $250 per month. While that fee is free for the first month, you will still be responsible for the ad budget of $250+ for that month. Clients may not redeem this offer more than once per campaign or URL.



    Deal #2: Get 1 or 2 Months Free of HOTH X Managed SEO

    HOTH X is our #1 Selling Managed SEO Solution that gets you awesome, targeted traffic with a strategy that’s custom built for you.

    And when you sign up for a 6-month contract, we’ll give you your first month FREE. Sign a 12-month contract and we’ll give you the 1st and 7th month FREE.

    To sign up on a HOTH X contract and get this deal, simply book a call with us and we’ll get you all squared away!

    Save BIG On HOTH X

    This deal applies to only new HOTH X customers. If you’re already under contract, reach out to your account team at The HOTH to find out how to take advantage of this offer.



    Deal #3: Buy-Two-Get-One-Free HOTH Web Copy Orders

    If you’re looking for help writing the pages of your website, HOTH Web Copy is for you.

    With our unique process, we create unique content that can be used for your website home page, service pages, product descriptions, or any type of page that you need.

    When you purchase 2 HOTH Web Copy orders in July, you’ll get an extra one for free!

    B2G1 Free Web Copy

    Orders of the same word count will automatically receive the free order in your account. Orders of mixed word counts will require an email to support to receive the free order.



    Deal #4: Buy-One-Get-One-Free HOTH Foundation (All Package Options!)

    With HOTH Foundations, you get in-content, contextual links to your site. These links help build a base of authority to your site and your pages.

    Until the end of the month, our HOTH Foundation packages are buy-one-get-one-free!

    HOTH Foundations is available in 3 sizes: Small, Medium, or Large. In each tier, there is a Standard and Premium option. This BOGO sale applies to ALL sizes and options!

    BOGO Foundations



    Deal #5: Buy-One-Get-One-Free HOTH Video

    With HOTH Video, we turn your existing content into short, conversational videos.

    Check this out:

    By adding video to your website, you’ll increase your engagement, dwell time, and your rankings!

    Get a free HOTH Video order in July when you buy a video. The sale applies to the full $200 price.


    Check out HOTH Video



    Deal #6: PPC Remarketing Upgrade Special

    This deal is for existing HOTH PPC clients only. Get 1/2 off your first month of HOTH PPC when you upgrade your current remarketing only campaign to a full HOTH PPC campaign. Don’t worry, HOTH PPC includes Search and your original remarketing campaigns.

    To qualify for the deal you must upgrade from Remarketing Only to HOTH PPC and sign a 3-month contract.

    To sign up on a PPC Remarketing contract and get this deal, simply book a call with us and we’ll get you all squared away!


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