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  • December SEO Deal Of The Month

    Make sure you purchase before Ryan Seacrest counts it down! These deals expire December 31st at midnight.


    Deal #1: End-Of-The-Year Tax Hack Credit Bonus

    Buy HOTH Credits and it’s your choice, choose between a free DA50+ Guest Post(s) or a credit bonus for these tiers:

    • Purchase $1,000 = 1 DA50+ 500 Word Guest Post (or 5% credit bonus)
    • Purchase $5,000 = 5 DA50+ 500 Word Guest Posts (or 10% credit bonus)
    • Purchase $15,000 = 15 DA50+ 500 Word Guest Posts (or 15% credit bonus)
    • Purchase $30,000 = 30 DA50+ 500 Word Guest Posts (or 20% credit bonus)
    • Purchase $50,000 = 50 DA50+ 500 Word Guest Posts (or 20% credit bonus) + A mastermind session at The HOTH HQ

    This is a GREAT way to cut down on your revenue for 2019 for tax purposes. In addition, if you have a surplus in your 2019 marketing budget, put the extra funds towards some or ALL of your SEO services for next year!

    How to claim:
    After you purchase your credits, reach out here with your order number and the option you’d like to receive. We will manually drop your credits or guest posts into your account for you!

    If you purchase the $50k Mastermind option, we will also reach out to you to schedule your session!

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    Deal #2: The Great Double Down
    HOTH X Managed SEO Sale

    HOTH X is our #1 Selling Managed SEO Solution that gets you awesome, targeted traffic with a strategy that’s custom built for you.

    And when you sign up for a 6-month HOTH X contract in December, we’re going to DOUBLE your deliverables on the first month.

    While our managed SEO services are designed to be flexible in nature to fit the customers needs, here is an example of what the deal would look like for a typical HOTH X package: