HOTH SEO Discounts & Deals For December 2018!

We switch up our killer SEO deals every month. Keep an eye out to save big!



  • Deal #1 – Get 1 Free High Authority DA50+* Guest Post For Every Month You Pre-Pay HOTH X Managed SEO

    • 1 Month Prepaid = 1 FREE DA50+ Post ($500 Value)
    • 3 Months Prepaid = 3 FREE DA50+ Post ($1500 Value)
    • 6 Months Prepaid = 6 FREE DA50+ Posts ($3,000 Value)
    • 12 Months Prepaid = 12 FREE DA50+ Posts ($6,000 Value)

    These guest posts will automatically drop into your account after you place your order. Look for them in your ‘orders’ section with the status ‘complete order.’




    Deal #2 – End Of The Year Uncle Sam Tax Hack Credit Special!

    Buy HOTH Credits and it’s your choice, choose between a free high authority DA50+* Guest Post(s) or a credit bonus for these tiers:

    • Purchase $1,000 in Credits = 1 DA50+ Guest Post (or 5% credit bonus)
    • Purchase $5,000 in Credits = 5 DA50+ Guest Posts (or 10% credit bonus)
    • Purchase $15,000 in Credits = 15 DA50+ Guest Posts (or 15% credit bonus)
    • Purchase $30,000 in Credits = 30 DA50+ Guest Posts (or 20% credit bonus)

    This is a GREAT way to cut down on your revenue for 2018 for tax purposes. Pre-pay for some or ALL of your SEO services for next year!

    To claim your bonuses, just shoot us a message here after you purchase and let us know whether you’d like the credit bonus or the Guest Post bonus.



    Deal #3 – Buy A HOTH Blogger 8 Pack, Get 1 Free HOTH Video

    With HOTH Video, we turn your existing blog posts into short, conversational videos. You can publish these videos on your blog to help with bounce rate and retention.

    You can also use these videos to grow your Youtube channel and help capture traffic in the 2nd largest search engine! By using our SEO-optimized, professional videos, you can take advantage of an entirely new traffic channel!

    Don’t worry about a promo code, the free video will drop into your account automatically after the Blogger 8 pack is purchased!


    * = DA refers to Domain Authority. Domain authority is a search engine ranking score developed by Moz that predicts how well a website will rank on search engine result pages. The DA scale ranges from one to 100. The higher the number, the greater the websites ability to rank.



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