The Hitt’em Over The Heart Charity Award

The Hitt’em Over The Heart Award is a monthly program
dedicated to giving back to charities and organizations in need. Every month, the employee with the most bonus points gets the opportunity to choose an organization, and The HOTH contributes on that employees behalf.



    The Jed Foundation

    This nonprofit partners with schools and universities to bring awareness to mental health issues and help provide stronger mental health, substance abuse, and suicide prevention resources and programs.

    “I chose this nonprofit because unfortunately people dealing with mental health issues sometimes fight a silent battle and may feel alone. It’s so crucial that our school systems provide teenagers and young adults with the support, tools, resources, and awareness needed to help themselves and those around them. I hope this donation will help provide emotional and mental support to someone that is struggling. “


    December 2020

    Cindy Koch
    Customer Support Coordinator

    Ronald McDonald East House

    The Ronald McDonald House Charities does everything in their power to provide children and their families a safe place to stay while receiving some of the best medical care possible.

    “About a year ago, I started volunteering at the St. Pete East House with Finn as a pet therapy team and it has been the most rewarding experience. Getting to see the smiles on the kid’s faces while they play with Finn is priceless and I am so proud to be able to support such a great local cause!”


    November 2020

    Makayla Wood
    Product Coordinator

    City Harvest

    City Harvest – founded in 1982, they are one of the world’s first food rescue programs. On average, City Harvest saves around 136,000 lbs of food each day, with 55% of the food being fresh produce. They source the food they save from farms, restaurants, grocers, and manufacturers. They then deliver the food, free of charge to hundreds of soup kitchens, food pantries, and other community food programs, where it’s used to help feed struggling New Yorkers.

    “I’ve chosen this non-profit because America is the global leader in food waste, and around 40 million tons of food is discarded every year. Their mission not only helps the Earth but people in need – and I consider that a win/win.”


    October 2020

    Micaela Robinson
    Guest Post Manager

    American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals

    The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) was founded on the belief that animals are entitled to kind and respectful treatment at the hands of humans and must be protected under the law. ASPCA’s mission is to provide effective means for the prevention of cruelty to animals throughout the United States.

    “I chose ASPCA to help fight against animal cruelty and help animals in need. Animals have always been a big part of my life. Through ups and downs, our animals are always there just to give us unconditional love. So, here is my way of paying it back to animals as a whole!”


    September 2020

    Karl Bartling
    PPC Manager

    Equal Justice Initiative

    Equal Justice Initiative is an organization committed to ending mass incarceration and excessive punishment in the United States, challenging racial and economic injustice, and protecting basic human rights for the most vulnerable people in American society.

    “Tens of thousands of people have been unfairly sentenced to jail and prison in the United States. It is so critical that we create a more reliable and fair criminal justice system. My hope is that this donation will go toward legislative efforts to overturn systemically racist policies and aid in the fight for criminal justice reform.”


    August 2020

    Ali Luft
    Community and Culture Manager

    American Foundation for Suicide Prevention

    The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention (AFSP) is a voluntary health organization that gives those affected by suicide a nationwide community empowered by research, education, and advocacy to take action against this leading cause of death.

    “Mental health is incredibly important. You never know who needs you to be there for them. Take time to check in on the most important people in your life! I selected this charity for all those personally affected by the devastation of losing a loved one to suicide. If this donation saves even 1 life it was money well spent!”


    July 2020

    Branden Bell
    Operations Manager

    National Black Justice Coalition

    The National Black Justice Coalition (NBJC) is a civil rights organization dedicated to the empowerment of Black lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, and same gender loving (LGBTQ/SGL) people, including people living with HIV/AIDS.

    “The Black LGBTQ community should be celebrated and uplifted by all! Members of this community have been trailblazers in activism, arts, literature, and more – they are an integral part of this nation’s culture. Unfortunately, many experience discrimination and prejudice. I admire NBJC’s agenda of Giving Voice, Taking Action, and Building Networks to put a stop to this discrimination through federal public policy.”

    June 2020

    Jessie Matheney
    Director of Product & Development

    NAACP Legal Defense Fund

    The NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund, Inc. is America’s premier legal organization fighting for racial justice.


    “It is evident that sweeping reform is necessary. The courts are where these battles are won and my hope is this donation will make victory more certain.”


    May 2020

    Stephen Reilly
    Project Development Coordinator

    COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund

    Donations support WHO’s work, including with partners, to track and understand the spread of the virus; to ensure patients get the care they need and frontline workers to get essential supplies and information.

    “I chose to donate to the COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund because this pandemic is impacting communities everywhere. Their mission is to track and understand the spread of the virus; to ensure patients get the care they need and frontline workers get essential supplies. I have family members working in hospitals in New Jersey, so I want to help the frontline workers as much as possible. “

    April 2020

    Christian Cappoli
    Content Service Manager

    United Way of New York City

    United Way of New York City fights poverty throughout the five boroughs. They design and invest in evidence-based programs that ensure that low-income New Yorkers have both a safety net and a springboard to a better life.

    “My donation will go to United Way Of New York City to help with the impacts of COVID-19. I have a lot of family members up there and I know the whole state is feeling the impact of this pandemic. With the help of charities like United Way Of NYC that they can help individuals, first responders, and hopefully contain the spread of this virus.”

    March 2020

    Karl Bartling
    PPC Manager
  • is a non-profit dedicated to ending our reliance on fossil fuels and transition over to 100% renewable energy.

    “The fossil fuel industry is a major contributor to the climate crisis we’re facing today, and is working tirelessly to help us make the switch to renewable sources of energy. I hope that by investing in their organization we will be one step closer to tackling the climate crisis. Every little bit counts.”


    February 2020

    Emilie Haridopolos
    Content Service Coordinator

    Autism Speaks

    Autism Speaks’ mission is to increase understanding and acceptance about Autism Spectrum Disorder while furthering research and increasing access to care and support for those in need.

    “I chose this charity because I had the opportunity to work with some amazing children and young adults with Autism while in college. This was one of the most rewarding things that I have ever gotten to be a part of. I hope this donation will go towards attaining resources to help create transition plans for more independent adult life.”


    January 2020

    Julia Cieutat
    HOTH X Production Manager

    Australian Red Cross

    The Australian Red Cross is a humanitarian aid and community services charity in Australia and an auxiliary to government.

    “I’ve chosen this organization in hopes that it will help those affected by the horrible tragedies these devastating fires have brought to the area. More than 1000 homes have been destroyed since the fires began, and the Australian Red Cross provides shelter and emergency assistance to those displaced and in need.”


    January 2020

    Rachel Hernandez
    Director of Content Services

    She Should Run

    She Should Run encourages women from all different backgrounds to run for office. They provide women with the right resources, network, and opportunities to take on leadership roles in local, state, and federal offices.

    “I chose this charity because I think it’s about time we get more women into leadership positions. I have always been passionate about ending the stigma that women aren’t as effective or capable of leading as men are. She Should Run is taking huge steps towards achieving gender equality in office. I want women’s voices to be heard and to help support women to make a difference.”

    November 2019

    Emilie Haridopolos
    Content Service Intern

    Environmental Defense Fund

    The Environmental Defense Fund’s mission is to preserve the natural systems on which all life depends. They focus on different issues involving climate change and protecting different habitats across the globe.

    “We need the planet much more than it needs us. We as a people need to do all we can to push the major powers to preserve what is left of our beautiful planet. We may not be able to restore, but we can take measures to at least offset the environmental damage already done. This donation is a small step towards the world’s most important problem. “

    October 2019

    Branden Bell
    Operations Manager

    Environmental Defense Fund

    The Environmental Defense Fund’s mission is to preserve the natural systems on which all life depends. They focus on different issues involving climate change and protecting different habitats across the globe.

    “It’s time we realize the impact we have on the environment so we can ensure a healthy and happy future. I recently spent time at Great Smoky Mountains National Park, it would be truly devastating if this amazing place was gone. The EDF has many different initiatives and I hope that this money will go towards finding renewable resources and cleaner oceans.”

    September 2019

    Rachael Strauss
    Production Coordinator

    Environmental Defense Fund

    The Environmental Defense Fund’s mission is to preserve the natural systems on which all life depends. They focus on different issues involving climate change and protecting different habitats across the globe.

    “With the current rate at which the world is changing, I hope the donation goes towards efforts of improving renewable energy so that in coming years we can stop the loss of environments and ecosystems that were once breathtaking and beautiful. “

    September 2019

    Jessica Wagner
    Campaign Manager

    The American Red Cross

    The American National Red Cross is a humanitarian organization that provides emergency assistance, disaster relief, and disaster preparedness education in the United States.

    “I chose The American Red Cross because I am hoping this will bring some relief and give them a little light at the end of the tunnel. Helping them stay positive through this extremely difficult time. I hope the money will go towards the supplies they need on a day to day basis and making life a bit easier.”

    August 2019

    Karl Bartling
    PPC Manager

    Environmental Defense Fund

    The Environmental Defense Fund works to provide solutions under the broad categories of climate change, oceans, wildlife and habitats, and health.

    “I chose EDF because I have been working hard the last year to help make a difference for the environment by reducing my carbon footprint. Donating to a charity who dedicates their time and effort to not just one environmental issue but a variety really means the world to me (no pun intended!). I hope the money will go towards helping save our environment in any way. Whether it is reducing the plastic and litter in our oceans and on our beaches or global warming. “
    July 2019

    Alyssa Fama
    Content Service Coordinator

    Music Sweet Music

    Music Sweet Music provides free music therapy sessions to those with special needs in the Tampa Bay Area.

    ” I chose this non-profit because I read about the benefit that Music Therapy can especially have with Veterans, and those diagnosed with Autism + Dementia. Additionally, I love that they are a Tampa Bay organization and that this donation will have a positive impact on our local community. My hope is that this will go towards helping them contract more board-certified Music therapists, obtain more instruments, and continue to provide children + adults with illnesses, diseases and disorders this therapy. “

    June 2019

    Micaela Robinson
    Client Experience Manager

    The Trevor Project

    The Trevor Project is an organization dedicated to crisis intervention and suicide prevention for LGBTQ youth. They started as a suicide hotline in 1998 but have since expanded to other mediums.

    “During Pride month it is important to keep in mind that there are still young people out there who need support from organizations like these. I hope the money goes to helping LGBTQ teens in crisis understand that it’s temporary, love and acceptance are out there, and they have the rest of their lives to create and experience the world they deserve.”

    May 2019

    Rachel Hernandez
    Director of Content Services

    Metropolitan Ministries

    Metropolitan Ministries has services designed to help children and families, no matter how serious their needs.

    “I chose to donate to the Metropolitan Ministries because I did some volunteering with them back in college during the holidays and I was able to see the immediate impact they had on families in need. Whether they need to get off the streets at night, or they’re seeking education so they can get a job that will support their family, Metropolitan Ministries is there to help. I hope this money helps support those in need in the Tampa Bay area.”


    April 2019

    George Papadeas
    Chief Operations Officer

    Suncoast Developers Guild

    The Suncoast Developers Guild is a collective of software engineers, programmers, and designers in the Tampa Bay area.

    “I chose to donate to the Suncoast Developers Guild because they help maintain a variety of different meetup groups all with the same singular goal of teaching the community how to code. This is an invaluable resource that can help people of all ages, races, income, etc.. develop skills that are and will continue to be in high demand. I hope this money helps create more workshops to support future developers.”

    March 2019

    José Camou
    UI/UX Designer

    CASA: Community Action Stops Abuse

    CASA is a victim advocacy center that helps victims of sexual assault and domestic violence in the St.Pete area.

    “I chose to donate to CASA because I am currently running a campaign through my USFSP Basketball Club to raise awareness for victims of sexual assault and domestic violence. So far we’ve raised about 400 dollars for CASA and our event is April 10th! Going to college has shown me that sexual assault is way too prevalent and I really wanted to do my part to change the narrative behind this matter. So last year I started the Purple and Teal to start a change.”
    March 2019

    Aleek Nibbs
    Customer Support Coordinator

    St Jude Children’s Research Hospital

    St Jude provides free treatment for pediatric cancer helping children across the globe.

    “I chose to donate to St Jude because they are leading the way the world understands, treats and defeats childhood cancer and other life-threatening diseases. Cancer is an awful thing for anyone to go through, let alone a child. What makes this place so special is families never receive a bill and children’s cancer survival rate has increased from 20% to 80% today.”

    February 2019

    Christian Cappoli
    Content Service Coordinator

    Pencils of Promise

    Pencils of Promise creates schools, programs and global communities in third world countries.

    “I chose to donate to Pencils of Promise because they believe that every child should have access to quality education. This helps children better themselves and their community at the same time. I hope that this donation provides support to the teachers that help these children, as they’re the most powerful resource for them.”
    January 2019

    Trey Walrapp
    HOTH Foundations Production Manager
  • has empowered 16 million people with access to safe water and sanitation through affordable financing.

    “I chose to donate to because of their strides made in 3 continents, which include my family’s country of origin, Peru. Making small, affordable loans available helps families pay for water and sanitation improvements over a reasonable period of time. I hope that this donation goes toward setting families up with indoor bathrooms, water and sewerage connections, improved sanitary installations, and tanks for water collection and storage.”
    January 2019

    Bryan Vasquez
    Account Manager

    Metro Wellness & Community Centers

    Metro Wellness & Community Centers is an organization committed to providing quality health and wellness services for the diverse people in our community.

    “I chose to donate to Metro Wellness and Community Centers because they do a lot of great work in the local community. This organization provides low cost healthcare services to people in need and aims to serve a diverse community. In addition to providing access to treatment, Metro Wellness also provides health education, substance abuse programs, counseling, and support groups.”

    December 2018

    Camille Moore
    Content Service Manager

    St. Petersburg Free Clinic

    St. Petersburg Free Clinic is a multi-service human services agency providing our community neighbors assistance with food, shelter and health care.

    “I choose to donate to the St. Petersburg Free Clinic Health Center because I’ve been impressed with their transparency in the allocation of their resources as well as their highly-rated reviews from both patients and volunteers. I’m confident that they’re doing extraordinary amounts of good in our community. I hope this money goes towards medical resources for the health center to aide those who particularly reside within their family shelter.”

    November 2018

    Becca Thrun
    Account Manager

    The Sato Project

    The Sato Project is dedicated to rescuing abused and abandoned dogs from Puerto Rico.

    “When I was young living in Puerto Rico, my grandfather and I used to dream of one day having a big property to help save stray dogs on the island. We always adopted dogs off the street, gave them medical attention and made them part of our family. I chose the Sato Project because of my love and passion for dogs, for the love I have for my home, and to honor my grandfather’s memory. I hope this donation helps The Sato Project give dogs the care they need and help them find homes!”


    October 2018

    Monica Rodriguez
    Content Service Manager

    Girls Who Code

    Girls Who Code provides after-school programs and summer camps to help girls learn about computer science and programming.

    “Despite programming being one of the highest in-demand industries, women only hold around 25% of these jobs. I’ve seen the stellar women at The HOTH be just as technically-minded as men, and there is no reason for women to be passed over for these roles. It is my hope that Girls Who Code will continue to encourage young women to enter the tech sector and close the gender gap in our industry, and that our dontation helps them with that mission.”


    September 2018

    Jason Gill
    Chief Technology Officer

    The Arts Conservatory for Teens

    The HOTH donated to ACT, a local St Pete organization that helps provide at risk youth an outlet through different forms of art.

    “I had the pleasure of working with them on a project and really loved the organization and what they’re doing for the community. I love that they let kids express themselves through various forms of art including music, dance, and painting. I hope that this donation helps The Arts Conservatory for Teens to organize a performance for their students to participate in.”



    August 2018

    Danielle Davis
    Video Production Manager

    Alpha House

    The Alpha House of Pinellas provides housing and supportive services to homeless pregnant women and families experiencing crisis pregnancies.

    “This local charity supports pregnant women, teens, and infants with housing and life skills training. I wanted this money to help people, and Alpha House strives to help homeless women who are in crisis. 90% of the women in Alpha House’s residential program transition successfully into permanent housing and independent living. I hope this money will go towards helping to improve the quality of life for local women and children who need assistance.”

    July 2018



    Mercy For Animals

    The HOTH donated to Mercy For Animals to help prevent cruelty to farmed animals and to promote compassionate food choices and policies.

    “I recently finished a book about the meat industry and am concerned about the impact cattle farming has on our environment as well as the questionable ethical methods used. The Mercy For Animals team are advocates for farm animals and work for their rights. I hope most of this money goes towards their investigative practices. There is nothing better than forcing a powerful corporation to take responsibility!”


    June 2018

    Stephen Reilly
    Customer Support Specialist

    American Cancer Society

    The HOTH donated to help American Cancer Society free the world from cancer. Funds go towards conducting research, and spreading the word about prevention.

    “I have had several family members pass away from cancer. The HOTH has also had many team members with family who suffers from cancer or has already passed away from cancer. Our owner Marc Hardgrove and team member Andrew Hardgrove recently lost their father Hans Hardgrove to cancer as well. I am hoping that the money will go to towards research and spreading the word about prevention.”


    May 2018

    Mackenzie Logan
    Director of Sales

    St. Petersburg Free Clinic

    St. Petersburg Free Clinic is a multi-service human services agency providing our community neighbors assistance with food, shelter and health care.

    “I wanted to donate locally to give back to the city that has given so much to me. The city of St. Pete has such a wonderful community and St. Petersburg Free Clinic constantly devotes their resources and time to facilitate that. The organization also has a perfect charity rating score, making it one of very few in the nation with that distinction. I hope that this donation will assist with food, shelter, and healthcare.”


    April 2018

    Alize Luft
    Community and Culture Coordinator

    Puppies Behind Bars

    The mission of Puppies Behind Bars is to train prison inmates to raise service dogs for wounded war veterans and explosive detection canines for law enforcement.

    “I chose this charity to honor a very special veteran in my life who has recently passed away. My Grandfather, Arch Shealy Sr., passed away recently at the age of 98. His heroism has been a huge inspiration in my life. Like him, the veterans that this charity serves risked making the ultimate sacrifice for our countries freedom! I hope this money can go towards helping as many veterans as possible get the service dogs they need.”

    March 2018

    Ashley Shealy
    HOTH X Team
  • Florida FIRST Robotics Education Foundation

    The HOTH donated to help inspire young people to learn science, engineering, and technology skills.

    “When I was in high school I participated in the FIRST Robotics program and it changed my life. I still enjoy volunteering with the organization each year! Donations to the organization help run the FRC Orlando Regional. This is an annual robotics competition that brings student FIRST Robotics teams together from not only Florida, but all around the world, to compete! “

    February 2018

    Jessie Poen
    Production and Development Manager
  • Florida Dachshund Rescue

    Florida Dachshund Rescue aims to rescue, rehabilitate and place rescued dachshunds into permanent and loving homes.

    “I chose the organization because my mom actually works with the organization! FLDR rescues dogs that have been abandoned or that families have given up. They help the dogs find new homes and it avoids the dogs being put down. My family fosters some of the dogs until they get adopted into a great home. I hope my donation will help FLDR get more resources to help rescue dogs! “

    January 2018

    Skyler Kulesa
    Sales Development Representative
  • Loggerhead Marinelife Center

    Loggerhead Marinelife Center helps preserve the ocean’s ecosystem with a focus on rehabilitating sea turtles.

    “I hope that this donation is used for any new equipment or facility improvements that may be needed! Growing up next to the ocean, with the Loggerhead center basically in my backyard, I’ve had a close connection to the ocean’s ecosystem and what we can do to improve it. I’ve visited the center since I was younger and I’ve even seen a couple of the sea turtles getting released back into the ocean. They gave me great memories that I’ll remember for the rest of my life.”


    December 2017

    Rebecca Simpson
    Customer Support Team Lead
  • Shelter Dogs With Jobs

    The mission of Shelter Dogs with Jobs is to save, train, and place homeless working dogs in forever homes and careers.

    “I knew this donation would go to a great local organization and one that would greatly help homeless working dogs. I also know that this organization is very good at making sure the dogs are properly matched to a career and home that they will be in for the rest of their lives.” says Amy. This organization will take in these “working dogs” and match them with a home and a career! Not only are the dogs benefiting from their home and career but the community as well.”

    November 2017

    Amy Tribolet
    Content Marketing Coordinator
  • Creative Clay

    Creative Clay helps people with disabilities by providing expressive, educational and vocational experiences.

    “I chose Creative Clay because I really believe in their mission. They help people with disabilities, those in institutional settings, veterans, and children express their artistic abilities through educational and vocational activities. Our donation helps sponsor one artist for a 6-month program that pairs them with a professional artist mentor. They are also given the opportunity to collaborate with their mentor and create visual and performance art! :)”


    October 2017





Ongoing Charitable Contributions

We are so fortunate to have the success that we do, and it’s our time to give back. Here are some of the great organizations we have the privilege of regularly supporting.

  • Batshaw Youth and Family Centres Foundation

    The HOTH donated to help protect the needs of children and youths for whom it is believed that their security or development may be endangered.

  • Carlton Manor

    The HOTH contributed to redesign of the Carlton Manor website and provided new athletic shoes to children.

  • The New Secret Santa

    The HOTH donated to helping underprivileged children as a part of LinkNow’s Secret Santa Campaign.

  • As They Gathered

    The HOTH purchased a box truck to help transport food to feed the homeless. We also have staff members regularly volunteer at the food shelter.

  • Charity Water

    Charity Water helps provide clean water to people in developing countries.

  • HOTH Scholarship

    The HOTH Scholarship supports education in marketing.

  • VFW
    Veterans of Foriegn wars provides support to service members, veterans, and their families.