• 2018 End-Of-The-Year Tax Hack Uncle Sam SEO Special

    december 2016 seo special deal tax savings

    Do you want to save money on your taxes, fund your SEO plan, and get a HUGE bonus? Today we’re launching our End-Of-The-Year Tax Hack Uncle Sam SEO Special and I want to show you how you can keep your money (instead of giving it to the government) AND get a bonus from The HOTH! […]

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  • How To Increase Sales Page Conversions: 40 Experts Weigh In

    What if you could double your sales with just a few optimizations? We rounded up 40 experts in conversion optimization to give us their BEST tips on cranking more sales out of your pages. Let’s get into it! What is the best way to improve sales page conversions? Andy Crestodina – Orbit Media Every sales […]

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  • How To Get More Email Subscriber Conversions: 25 Experts Weigh In

    Do you want to drastically increase the size of your email list? In this post, Minuca Elena rounded up 25 conversion rate optimization experts to give their best tips for getting more subscribers. Because email marketing has an average ROI of over 3000%+, just implementing a few of these tips will help you increase your […]

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  • How To Increase Homepage Conversions: 23 CRO Experts Weigh In

    When you are running an online business the most important thing that you have to pay attention to is conversion optimization. The final goal is that anyone that lands on your website buys the product or services that you are selling. Unfortunately, things aren’t so simple and there are many steps in between. First, someone […]

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  • How to Diagnose and Repair a Rankings Drop in 10 Simple Steps

    Is this familiar? You check to see how your website’s pages are ranking… …and all of a sudden you see a drop in their positions. There are lots of reasons for why this could happen. Regardless of the reason: rankings drops cost you money. The key is not to panic. Rankings fluctuate all the time. […]

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  • The Medic Update Aftermath

    google medic update aftermath

    Since Aug 1, 2018, Google has released a slew of updates that have kept the search results volatile. Many have referred to the August 1st, 2018 update as the “Medic Update” because it largely affected health/medical sites. However, the updates have spread outside to many different niches including e-commerce, fashion sites, local, affiliate, and more. […]

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  • 5 Easy Ways to Get Your Video Marketing Strategy Off the Ground

    5 Easy Ways to Start Your video Marketing Strategy

    This article was contributed to our SEO community blog by Lemonlight video production. The data is out there, and it’s very clear: video has some powerful benefits for your sales and marketing funnels. You may already know that video content is important thanks to the tons of articles out there touting the benefits of it. […]

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  • “HOTH Link Building” Product Name Is Changing To “HOTH Foundations”

    hoth foundations

    When we started The HOTH in 2010, we only had 1 product that was called “The HOTH”. Now we have 15 products so to help reduce confusion, we’re changing the name! From today going forward, we’re changing the name of “The HOTH Link Building” product to “HOTH Foundations” to help differentiate it and reduce confusion. […]

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  • 7 SEO Ideas from Inside NerdWallet’s $520 Million Content Strategy

    Nerdwallet is an online personal finance website that is dominating organic search: 11 Million+ organic monthly traffic* 3.1 Million+ organic keywords ranking* $100 Million projected in annual revenue** $520 Million valuation by investors** (*Ahrefs estimates, **According to a 2016 Inc. report) We decided to conduct an SEO investigation to figure out what they did to […]

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  • Google’s Medic Update: How To Fix Your Website If You Were Hit

    google medic update

    Did your website’s rankings change after the most recent Google update? Whether they did or not, this is a great time for you to learn how to safeguard your website from Google’s Medic update and any other future algorithm updates. Before I tell you how to hold on to your rankings, here’s what happened with […]

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