• How To Create a Google Ads Account

    Looking to get started advertising on Google? Today, we’re going to break down the necessary steps for creating and setting up a Google Ads account so that you can dominate in paid search. Creating A new Google Ads Account 1. Go to Google Ads homepage and click on either of the “Start Now” buttons. 2. […]

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  • The July 2019 Top 4: SEO News Roundup

    Last month had quite a few changes and updates in the world of SEO. The items covered in this roundup post will get you up to speed on any major SEO news that you missed. Let’s get into it: How Much of Google’s Search Traffic is Left for Anyone But Themselves? A recent study […]

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  • Everything You Need To Know About The June 2019 Google Update

    google june 2019 core update

    Google just released a new update called the “June Broad Core Update” and there have been some recent shakeups in the search results. In today’s article we’re going to discuss what happened, what changed, and our advice for keeping your traffic high! What Happened With The Google June 2019 Core Update On Sunday, June 2, […]

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  • Using Video to Improve Your SEO: 3 HUGE Benefits (And How to Do it)

    It’s no secret that video is a rapidly growing trend in digital marketing. Video content offers many benefits over text-based content, such as being more engaging and memorable. But why should you focus your resources on video content? The answer is simple: video can do GREAT things for your SEO. As you probably know, Google […]

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  • How To Optimize For Featured Snippets And Rank In Position Zero

    Featured snippets are taking over Google’s search results, and it’s vital to understand what they are and how to optimize for them. Featured snippets and SERP features may be one of the biggest changes to how traffic flows through Google in the last few years, and we expect this to increase. In this guide, we’ll […]

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  • The June 2019 Top 4: SEO News Roundup

    Last month had quite a few changes in the SEO world. The updates covered in this roundup will get you up to speed on the major SEO news that happened. Let’s get into it: Google Rolling Out June 2019 Core Search Ranking Update Tomorrow It came as a shock to most of us but […]

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  • Now You Can Order Up To 100 Blogger Articles At A Time

    Order Blog Articles

    When we first started HOTH Blogger we offered limited options for packages (1,2,4 or 8). Since then we’ve seen an increased demand for content. Most of you know that more quality content = better SEO and don’t want to be limited to how much you can get at once. So we updated our system. You […]

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  • Automotive Car Dealership SEO Case Study (147% Increase In Traffic!)

    Want to see how we recovered a local car dealer from a penalty and increased their site traffic 147%? Let’s get into it! Background This is a car dealership with several locations based out of the UK and focus on high-end luxury vehicles. Most of the terms they want to target have search volume on […]

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  • How To Start A YouTube Channel

    In today’s marketing landscape, video content is essential for success. Although written content has been the basis of content marketing for several years, times have changed. People would much rather watch a video than read pages of content. In fact, a report from Cisco predicts that video will make up 82% of all internet traffic […]

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  • How To Get White-Hat Links For SEO With Blogger Outreach

    White Hat Links

    White-hat links. Are those even real? When people talk about SEO, they like to divide it into groups with all different style “hats” – some that participate in the dark side, and some that are 100% clean and compliant with Google – “the white hats”. The reality is any type of link building is meant […]

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