• Our Online Merchandise Shop Now Open! (Plus How To Get Free HOTH Swag)

    We’re excited to announce the launch of our merchandise site, HOTHGear! HOTHGear is your one stop shop to find everything HOTH. When you visit you’ll see we have every edition of our company T-shirt for sale along with hats, hoodies, cell phone cases and more! If you want to make your friends question their fashion […]

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  • How to Get Ahead in SEO with Long-Tail Keywords

    We all know that optimizing for search engines is essential if you want to get more visitors to your website and generate more sales. However, it’s often easier said than done. SEO and SEM are getting increasingly complex while the market landscape has become more competitive. Frequent algorithm updates send experts scrambling, and they complicate […]

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  • Meet Us Digital Summit Salt Lake City!

    We’re going to Digital Summit Salt Lake City May 1-2 and we’d love to see you there! The conference has 45+ in-depth sessions & workshops that will not only help you stay ahead of the latest digital trends but also provide you with tons practical, game-changing takeaways you can immediately apply to your marketing strategy. […]

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  • What’s New In April @ The HOTH: 10+ New FREE SEO Tools, Pubcon Florida, Private Mastermind, & More!

    As usual, we’ve been grinding here at HOTH HQ. Here’s all the recent updates you might have missed! Killer SEO Deals In April We just launched some amazing deals for April where you can save big! Here’s what we’ve got cooking: 1) Get HOTH Video FREE when you pre-pay HOTH X Managed SEO! You can […]

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  • Hitt’em Over The Heart March 2018 Winner: Puppies Behind Bars

    Every month we donate a portion of our profits to a charity selected by our employee bonus points winner. Our March winner is Ashley Shealy from the HOTH X squad, who totally crushed the bonus points competition this month! Ashley selected to donate to Puppies Behind Bars. About Puppies Behind Bars “The charity I chose […]

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  • April 2018 SEO Deal: Get Up To A 20% BONUS in HOTH Credits + BIG KAHUNA IS BACK!

    Hey! This month when you purchase HOTH Credits in bulk, you can and get a big bonus up to 20%! From today until April 30, 2018, we’re going to give you a bonus when you purchase a certain amount of credits: 10% bonus on any credits purchase of $5,000-$9,999 15% bonus on any credits purchase […]

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  • April 2018 Managed SEO Special: Get Up To $3,600 of HOTH Video FREE

    Hey! This month you can get up to $3,600 worth of HOTH Video for free when you pre-pay HOTH X Managed SEO! HOTH Video is our new video production product that takes your content and turns it into high quality videos so you can take advantage of getting traffic from YouTube, the worlds second largest […]

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  • Shocking New Google Ranking Factor Revealed, Entire SEO Industry Transforms Overnight

    google cat update

    ST. PETERSBURG, FL – In a surprising turn of events, Google has transformed it’s ranking algorithm seemingly overnight as new tests reveal a POWERFUL new ranking factor that is taking the industry by storm. With this new ranking factor, Google is sending a big message that it cares much more about keeping users “happy” with […]

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  • How Does Google’s Mobile-First Indexing Impact SEO?

    Yesterday Google announced that it has begun the process of rolling out mobile-first indexing to more sites. After a year and a half of testing and experimentation, this is the latest development in Google’s efforts to make the internet more mobile-friendly and resemble user trends. It’s the first time Google has confirmed moving a large […]

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  • HOTH LIFE EP 8: Tampa Bay’s Best Place To Work!

    This video is from our HOTH Life Video Blog. We aim to give you an inside look at our company culture while providing business and marketing tips for our customers. Our video series is a bi-weekly production to stay tuned! Check out episode 8 below! Click here to subscribe to our YouTube for SEO training!

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