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Steven Gill

Account Executive @ The HOTH

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Phone | 727-877-4304
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  • College/education: Georgia College and State Univerity. Go Bobcats!

    Family: My wife and I have a Border Collie named Kiza keeping us busy.

    Hobbies/interests: Driving in the mountains, cooking food from around the world, 3d printing useless trinkets for my house, checking out new breweries, and listening to music while telling myself “I could learn this song!”

    Music interests: Vulfpeck, Eric Clapton, Ben Rector, Boston, Third Eye Blind, Cory Wong

    Philanthropy: Because it has been a big factor in my family, I am a big supporter of the American Kidney fund

  • What I do: As an account manager, my goal is to find the right path forward for client’s to grow their business. Because I have been with the Hoth for a while, I am very well versed in the best way to implement our options, and am here to help our clients understand how we can make life easier.

    My SEO Philosophy: You have to change with the times! The phrase “I did SEO 15 years ago” can be dangerous, but the good news is that the basic tenats are still the same. Staying up to date on current trends of what works and what doesn’t work means that you can maximize your results.