Introducing: The Hittem Over The Heart Award (The HOTH Gives Back)

Over the last few years we’ve been fortunate to experience some incredible growth. It’s been awesome to see the company go from just a few guys in an apartment to literally thousands of people that work on our projects.

I wake up every day grateful for how much has been given to us, and how lucky we are. Now it’s our turn to give back.

Today we’re introducing our newest program: The Hitt’em Over The Heart Award.

Every month, one of the employees will choose a charity and The HOTH will make a contribution to that organization on behalf of the employee.

How The Charity Award Works

We have an internal bonus point system called Bonusly: At the beginning of the month, each employee has a number of bonus points they can give for whatever reason – for HOTHing a customer, for going above and beyond, for providing some special help, dropping an killer joke, doing a great job… anything goes.

We use Slack as our internal chat tool, and every day hundreds of bonus points are exchanged.

At the end of the month, the employee with the most bonus points is recognized and gets to choose an organization, and the HOTH will make a contribution to that charity on behalf of the employee.

The HOTH has given to charity in various ways in the past, but we think it’s part of our responsibility to contribute consistently to those in need and spread the love… and hopefully, other companies will join us!

What’s cool to know is that as a customer, a percentage of every single order placed will go to charity.

Our October Winner: Creative Clay

Our October winner for The Hittem Over The Heart award is Gabbie McConnell from our support team, who absolutely crushed last month!

Gabbie Wins The HOTH Award

For winning in October, Gabbie chose to donate to Creative Clay.

“I chose Creative Clay because I really believe in their mission. They help people with disabilities, those in institutional settings, veterans, and children express their artistic abilities through educational and vocational activities. Our donation helps sponsor one artist for a 6-month program that pairs them with a professional artist mentor. They are also given the opportunity to collaborate with their mentor and create visual and performance art! :)” – Gabbie

This is a new tradition for us and we’re looking forward to helping more organizations every month! We’ll keep a running page of all the charities on our Charity page.