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Garrett German

Account Manager @ The HOTH

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Phone | 727-291-4753
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  • College/education: THE Florida State University – Go Noles!

    Family: Two young-at-heart parents, one overachieving younger brother, and a 4 legged mutt named Dodge who keeps us all in line.

    Hobbies/interests: Boating, windsurfing, lacrosse, Tampa Bay sports, Liverpool Football Club, woodworking, meditation… and just about anything active!

    Music interests: Reggae, Classic Rock, EDM, Hip Hop

    Philanthropy: Volunteer for the Children’s Cancer Center (Tampa), Sloth Conservation Foundation (Costa Rica)

    Awards: HOTHies 2022 Silent Killer Award

  • What I do:
    First and foremost, I want to know about YOU, your business and your goals. Once we know where you’re trying to get to, then we can implement a clear, measurable strategy to help you get there. A relationship anchored by trust, transparency, communication and accountability – that’s my promise to you.

    My SEO Philosophy: Links and Content, early and often. Build your brands authority and do it consistently. With SEO, we’re all at the mercy of the search engine algorithm’s and we always will be. As industry leaders, our team at The HOTH is constantly fine-tuning and adapting our service offerings to align with algorithm updates, but links and content continue to be paramount.