The HOTH + Service Provider PRO

Seamlessly connect your sales system with The HOTH’s.



The HOTH integrates with Service Provider PRO (SPP), the leading billing and client management solution for agencies. If you have more than one client, using Service Provider PRO will automate your business – giving you more time to focus on selling.

Plus, with our easy-to-use SPP integration, you can now resell The HOTH’s powerful products to your customers. Your customers will never see The HOTH’s name or branding, and you can set your own prices to maximize your profit.

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Service Provider Pro Tutorials

Video modules on how to set up your SPP with The HOTH.



  • 1) What is SPP & how can it help my business?

  • 2) Our favorite features in SPP

  • 3) Activating & setting up your HOTH Module

  • 4) Setting up services through The HOTH Module

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  • 5) How to adjust service variants inside The HOTH Module

  • 6) How to connect SPP to your website

  • 7) Setting up canned responses

  • 8) Setting up automatic emails

  • 9) Customizing SPP



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General FAQ

Which products currently work through your HOTH Module inside SPP?

We are working hard to connect all products through the module. At the moment, these are the services that work seamlessly through the module:

  • HOTH Guest Post (Domain Authority and Publisher Traffic)
  • HOTH Blogger (Regular and Pro)
  • HOTH Foundations
  • HOTH Press
  • HOTH Syndication

Why do I need to connect to The HOTH module?

You don’t have to connect to The HOTH module to use SPP. You can sell other services on SPP that we (The HOTH) don’t fulfill. By connecting to The HOTH module, you can tap directly into our system. That means, when your client places an order through your SPP system, it will automatically shoot that order into The HOTH’s system and we will begin working on it. The days of manually inputting order information from your system to ours are over!

If I’m using The HOTH module, can I still create other services outside of the module?

Yes. When you connect to the HOTH Module, you are still capable to creating services that are outside The HOTH Module.



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