Clayton Johnson

Chief Marketing Officer @ The HOTH

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Hey guys!

I’m Clayton and I’m the CMO of The HOTH, responsible for attracting more than 200,000+ SEOs, Marketing Agencies, and In-House Marketers every single month to The HOTH.

When I started with SEO in 2010, I had no idea what it could become. We have survived and thrived through the biggest Google updates of all time because of our constant dedication to evolving our products and customer service.

I started as Chief Of Operations and put a massive focus on making The HOTH a well-oiled machine. With The HOTH, you can expect consistency, results, and great customer service every time.

In 2018, I moved to become the CMO. My job is to help create the best SEO content in the world to help you succeed, and make sure that content reaches everyone that needs it.

I have had the pleasure of speaking at conferences like Search Engine Journal Summit, Legendary Marketer, Medellin Entrepreneur, HOTHCON, and more. The HOTH and our marketing has been featured in, Forbes, Inc, VWO, Digital Marketer and more.

My passion is creating compelling and aggressive marketing strategy though organic SEO, content, paid traffic, and inbound marketing.

Originally from Indiana, I have lived in Chicago, Bologna, Italy, Medellin, Colombia, and now I call St. Petersburg FL my home!