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Kenny Phillips

Account Manager @ The HOTH

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  • College/education: Indiana University

    Family: I adopted my first son (Mack) in 2021. He likes to eat, sleep, and chase squirrels.

    Hobbies/interests: DC comics (The Flash), cooking steaks, and binging TV shows (New Girl, Ozark, & Parks and Recs).

    Music interests: Movie Scores – Batman Returns, Forest Gump, Titanic, & Finding Nemo are all great listens.

    Philanthropy: Little Saint Nick Foundations

    Awards: HOTHies 2022 Silent Killer Award

  • What I do:
    I help people reach their business goals through digital, SEO, and content marketing.

    My SEO Philosophy: The 3 ingredients to a successful SEO campaign is keyword research, content, and links. Missing one of these ingredients is like missing an important part of a car engine. It won’t work and therefore you won’t reach your destination.