Content Team

Creating Quality Content



Our writers are at the core of what we do — creating quality, unique content for our clients. As an article writer, you will be assigned topics on which to create content. One of the biggest benefits of this position is the ability to work from home (or anywhere with an internet connection) and the ability to work when you want. You will have daily assignments, but you choose your own hours.

This is a unique opportunity to be part our new enterprise-class team.

PLEASE NOTE: This position is not well fitted for someone looking for investigative journalism or editorial work.

Daily Activities

  • Write original articles on various assigned topics.
  • Pay attention to grammar, punctuation and spelling.
  • Communicate the status of writing assignments to team & meet all deadlines


  • Work from anywhere you want, as long as we can reach you.
  • Set your own hours, as long as your assignments are turned in on time.
  • The HOTH is the ultimate meritocracy. If you HOTH us with your work and commitment, we’ll HOTH you with opportunities and compensation.
  • We’re serious about recognizing talent and promoting from within.
  • If you help make the company profitable, we’ll be really, really nice to you.

Experience & Qualifications

  • No previous professional writing experience necessary
  • Excellent native English skills (written and verbal).
  • Has excelled in environments with high volume writing responsibilities (i.e. rigorous humanities coursework, secretarial duties, participation in outreach campaigns, etc.).
  • Formal training in English, Literature, or Writing a plus, but not required.
  • Has excelled working under uncompromising deadlines in a team environment.


  • Must be available daily (M-F) and communicate status on a regular basis.
  • Must have reliable and sufficient internet and phone connection to perform all duties.
  • Delivers work on time, every time. Our clients put their professional reputation on the line when they order from us. Therefore, late is not an option.
  • Diligence. You will be writing about every subject under sun. Accordingly, you will be writing all the time. This means the position will be interesting, but the scope of activities very focused. An ideal candidate would thrive on both.
  • Can work well alone. Can work well with others. Although our team works from different offices across the country, we are extremely close knit. This means that, day to day, you will work on your own schedule from the comfort of wherever you want, but you must keep in mind that others are always depending on you.
  • Professionalism. This means that you respond to emails on time. Do what is asked of you. Show up to meetings on time (though you will not be subjected to many), etc. Let’s leave the flaky stuff to the kids.

Hours per week

20-40+ depending on work load.
This is a freelance writing opportunity.

Pay Rate

Varies depending on skill level. Please inquire.


Indefinite (No end date)


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