SEO case study

Furniture Franchise Nets 2.5x More Traffic ($3k Increase) in 9 Months

While any business with an online presence benefits from SEO, it’s especially important for furniture stores – even if they make all their sales at their physical location. 

Local SEO is an absolute must for furniture providers, as search engines are the #1 way customers find businesses in their area (considering that 89% of all buying experiences begin on search engines like Google). 

Accordingly, if you aren’t ranking for crucial local keywords like ‘furniture stores near (your location),’ you’re missing out on a ton of potential business. 

Such was the case for Canales Furniture, a popular furniture franchise with 22 licensed locations across Texas and Oklahoma.

While they were by no means obscure (they’ve been in the furniture business since 2003), they knew they were leaving a lot of money on the table due to their weak online presence. 

That’s when they decided to consult with our team. 

We discussed their situation and determined that a fully managed SEO campaign was their best option. After hearing what we could do for their business, they signed up for HOTH X, our managed SEO service, in March of 2023. 

The results?

In just 9 months, we boosted their monthly organic traffic by 2.5x, got them ranking for their most important local keywords, and built hundreds of reputable backlinks from relevant websites. 

Read on to learn how we yielded such impressive results so quickly. 

The Client: A Family-Owned Furniture Business from St. Arlington, Texas 

Canales Furniture recently celebrated its 20th anniversary in 2023, which is a testament to the business’s strength and staying power. 

The brainchild of Silvia Veronica Canales, she started the business in Texas along with nine of her siblings in 2003. 

It didn’t take long for the business to blossom into a franchise, and they now have numerous locations across the southern United States. 

Yet, the one thing the business lacked during this time was a strong online presence, and they knew they needed to address it if they wanted to continue to thrive. 

SEO is a massive marketing channel for furniture businesses, both local and online, and Canales Furniture wanted to capitalize on popular local searches like ‘furniture store mesquite texas’’ and product searches like ‘twin set beds.’

They knew that if they weren’t ranking for these types of keywords, all that business would go to their competitors. 

This realization inspired them to reach out to our team, and they signed up for a HOTH X campaign soon after. 

Our Strategy: In-Depth Keyword Research, Product Page Optimization, and Link-Building 

Before we dug our heels in, we kicked things off with an SEO audit – which is standard practice for all HOTH clients. 

During the audit, we closely analyze the client’s existing website and identify all the things that aren’t SEO-friendly, such as:

  • Missing metadata
  • A cluttered URL and internal linking structure 
  • Orphan pages (web pages that don’t have any internal links pointing to them) 
  • Duplicate content 
  • Keyword spam 
  • Slow loading speed and interactivity 

Once we resolve all the technical issues, we go on the hunt for ‘easy win’ keywords, which are keywords a client is already ranking for, just not near the top (positions 4 – 30). 

These keywords are goldmines because with some quick optimizations, we can get them ranking near the top for a quick boost in organic traffic for the client. 

We knew that if Canales Furniture wanted to generate more business, they’d need to rank for crucial ‘money’ keywords for their business, so we targeted both local and product-oriented keywords. 

Mastering the keyword research process was crucial for this client. 

Since they featured a bilingual customer base (English and Spanish), we targeted Spanish keywords as well – such as muebleria (furniture store)

We also tricked out their product pages with proper optimizations to rank higher (like including keywords in metadata). 

Lastly, link-building is a crucial aspect of any SEO campaign, and furniture SEO is no different. 

Google trusts websites that have backlinks from reputable websites the most, so we got to work building quality link placements on related websites. 

The Results: Higher Keyword Rankings, 2.5x More Organic Traffic, Increased Traffic Value ($6K) 

The client started working with us in March 2023, and by December, we had already generated impressive results that are continuing to grow. 

We boosted their monthly organic traffic from 4,502 to 11,853, which has an estimated value of $6,092 (this figure includes the client’s average conversion rate for accuracy). 

They now rank for essential keywords like ‘muebleria near me’ (position 2), ‘twin set beds’ (position 3), and ‘furniture store mesquite texas’ (position 2), among many others. 

Thanks to our help, Canales Furniture is now capitalizing on relevant online searches, which is exactly what they wanted. After all, if they aren’t converting those prospects, their competitors will, which is why SEO is such a necessity. 

Are you an Ashley furniture marketing specialist eager to generate more business for your clients?

Then you need to check out HOTH X, the managed SEO service we used to grow this client’s online presence, and we’d love to do the same for you. Also, don’t wait to learn how you can simplify your digital marketing success by booking a call with one of our professionals.